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NeutralTerokkar Forest
Level: 62 - 70
Battle Pet Level: 18 - 19


Major settlements

Southern Outland

Terokkar Forest is a zone in Outland located east of Nagrand, west of Shadowmoon Valley, southeast of Zangarmarsh, and southwest of Hellfire Peninsula. This forest was most likely named after Terokk, the greatest king in arakkoa history. Formerly it was known as Talador.

Terokkar was seen as the Bone Wastes in previous maps and lore sources, but the Bone Wastes themselves are now a sub-region within the Terokkar Forest zone (in fact probably not the same Bone Wastes, as the current one was created only two years ago, according to ingame lore).


Once known as Talador, Terokkar is most famous for the Bone Wastes and the ruined mausoleum of Auchindoun.

Worldofwarcraft.com says the following about the Terokkar Forest:

New hope has come to this ancient forest. Aided by the benevolent naaru, a group of draenei has rebuilt Shattrath City. The city has since thrown open its doors to welcome refugees of many different races from all over Outland. Yet the past has not left this area unmarked. To this day, only adventurers and graverobbers visit the haunted subterranean ruins of Auchindoun.


The flora consists of mostly dark green forest vegetation of crystal pines known as olemba trees. Shattrath City lies in the northwestern portion of zone. Alliance and Horde each have a town.

The multi-winged instance Auchindoun can be found in this zone, containing four separate 5-man dungeons. There are no raid dungeons, micro dungeons, battlegrounds, or arenas in this zone. The spirit towers of the Bone Wastes provide a world PvP opportunity.

Every so often you can hear a roar while near Auchindoun - this is Teribus the Cursed, flying in circles around Auchindoun.

Maps and subregions

Map of Terokkar Forest
Allerian PostAllerian StrongholdAuchenai CryptsAuchenai GroundsAuchindounThe Barrier HillsBlackwind LakeBlackwind LandingBlackwind ValleyBleeding Hollow RuinsThe Bone WastesBonechewer RuinsCarrion HillCenarion ThicketDerelict CaravanFirewing PointGrangol'var VillageLake Ere'NoruLake JoruneLower Veil Shil'akMana-TombsNetherweb RidgeRaastok GladeRazorthorn RiseRazorthorn ShelfRefugee CaravanRing of ObservanceSethekk HallsSha'tari Base CampShadow LabyrinthThe Shadow StairShadow TombSilmyr LakeSkethyl MountainsSkettisStonebreaker CampSorrow Wing PointStonebreaker HoldTerokk's RestTomb of LightsTuuremUpper Veil Shil'akVeil Ala'rakVeil Harr'ikVeil LithicVeil ReskkVeil RhazeVeil ShalasVeil ShienorVeil SkithWayne's RefugeWrithing Mound




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Dungeon Name Level Range Group Size
Instance portal Mana-Tombs 64-66 5-man
Instance portal Auchenai Crypts 65-67 5-man
Instance portal Sethekk Halls 67-69 5-man
Instance portal Shadow Labyrinth 70-72 5-man

World PvP

Travel hubs

Alliance Allerian Stronghold
Horde Stonebreaker Hold
Neutral Shattrath City

Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Hellfire Peninsula AllianceHorde 58-63 Northeast Normal
Zangarmarsh AllianceHorde 60-64 Northwest Normal
Nagrand AllianceHorde 64-67 West Normal
Shadowmoon Valley AllianceHorde 67-70 East Normal

Notable characters

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Archmage Khadgar resides in Shattrath City and can be found in its center.


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Wild creatures




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