Thoras Trollbane

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NeutralThoras Trollbane
Image of Thoras Trollbane
Title King of Stromgarde (formerly)
Gender Male
Race Human (Undead)
Character class Death knight, formerly Warrior
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Ebon Blade, Four Horsemen
Former affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stromgarde, Alliance of Lordaeron
Occupation Champion of the Ebon Blade, Member of the Four Horsemen; formerly King of Stromgarde
Location Various Locations
Status Active (Undead)
Relative(s) Ignaeus (ancestor)
Liam (father)[1]
Galen (son)
Danath (nephew)
"I failed my kingdom and my people… I will not fail our world as well."

Thoras Trollbane was the warrior king of the human Kingdom of Stromgarde.[2][3][4] He was a founding member the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War. Years later he withdrew from the Alliance due to disagreements with his friend King Terenas. Trollbane died under unclear circumstances.


Thoras Trollbane was a natural born warrior. His people's lands were in the heart of troll-populated areas, and so being ready for battle was simply a way of life. Due to this, he is easily the largest and physically the strongest human king in the Alliance.[5] Thoras was a man of few words only speaking those needed. However, his gruff exterior hid a very sharp mind.[6] This often gives him an advantage when dealing with arrogant men. Trollbane was an old friend of King Terenas of Lordaeron,[7] likely known each other ever since they were young[citation needed] and was his closest ally. Though their relationship soured after the war, they still respect each other greatly. Trollbane was also a rival and an enemy of King Perenolde of Alterac, leading the armies of Stromgarde into battle against the honorable General Hath of Alterac on more than one occasion.[8] He wielded a mighty axe, which could be the Trollbane into battle during the siege of Lordaeron but he was also known to wield the dreaded sword Trol'kalar.[9]

The Second War

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

WC2BnE logo 16x42.png This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft II.

Thoras Trollbane during Second War.

He was one of the human leaders who met at the councils to form the Alliance of Lordaeron.[3] Stromgarde was quick to join the Alliance, following the start of the Second War,[5] sending half of its standing army to the main Alliance forces,[10] for Trollbane felt that battle was to be had with the orcs in order to stop their threat. He was one of the first to agree to form the Alliance of Lordaeron.[5] Genn Greymane didn't want to form a combined army but Thoras and his friend Admiral Proudmoore accused him of cowardice so Greymane relented to form the Alliance.[11] Stromgarde had little chance to show its offensive capabilities, as half of their army (the one that didn't go with Lothar) was defending the North lands from the Horde's invasion through the dwarven realm of Khaz Modan: which the Horde led by the Blacktooth Grin had already expanded into.[12][13]

Stromgarde came under heavy assault and losses. They lost their island citadel of Tol Barad but continued to battle through. They tried to ambush Cho'gall and kill him but they failed.[14] The Horde managed to destroy a good deal of Trollbane's kingdom, and continued its march towards the elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas.[15]

During the Siege of Lordaeron, Trollbane personally led his surviving troops to cut the Horde reinforcements through the Alterac Mountains, rendezvousing with General Hath who confirmed Perenolde's betrayal and sent his troops to join Trollbane's in defending the mountain passes, and preventing the entire Horde from overwhelming Lordaeron's Capital City.[16] As the Alliance forces made their push to the south, Thoras sent a Stromgarde force under his nephew, Danath Trollbane, to retake Khaz Modan.[17]

After the War

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Two years after the war ended, Thoras alongside other kings was present in Nethergarde. Back in Capital City, Thoras and Terenas were visited by the goblin Krix Wiklish who wanted to seal a deal with them. After the goblin left the two kings with Muradin Bronzebeard and Daval Prestor were discussing the matter of Alterac and Lord Perenolde.[18] Thoras was also then present in the Capital City's religion service.[19]

Following the destruction of Alterac after its deal with the Horde became known, Thoras Trollbane petitioned King Terenas to annex the eastern portion of Alterac's territory to Stromgarde in recognition of the latter's sacrifices and valor during the Second War.[20] Years later, he attended the ceremony in Stormwind where Arthas became a paladin.[19]

The Alliance Splinters

After the defeat of the orcs in the Second War, much of the Horde was wiped out and most surviving orcs were placed in internment camps. Trollbane, however, fervently disagreed with this policy, believing that the orcs were simply too dangerous to be kept alive. He argued with Terenas about this which was bitter for both as it was an argument between very close friends. In addition, the higher taxes, along with the high expense of maintaining and operating the numerous orc internment camps, led many leaders to believe that their kingdoms would be better off seceding from the Alliance. After the high elves left the Alliance, so did Gilneas and Stromgarde.[21] When Lordaeron refused to mass execute the orcs, a few years before the Third War, Trollbane sadly withdrew his support from the Alliance.[22]

At some point later, Thoras died and was buried in city's tomb.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

It is revealed that it was his own son Galen Trollbane who murdered him years before Stromgarde's fall.

Thoras Trollbane is sought out in his tomb, and raised as a member of the new Four Horsemen of the Ebon Blade. Feeling he's failed as both a father for his son's death and a king after learning of his kingdom's destruction, Thoras is convinced to fight for the Knights of the Ebon Blade.[23]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
N Death knight [104] The King Rises 100 - 110 569,913
Champion: Thoras Trollbane 102 - 110 1,848,873
Acherus: The Ebon Hold Legion 110 4,157,068

Death and legacy

Thoras Trollbane met his end when he was assassinated by his son, Galen[24] following the Third War. This was merely the beginning of Stromgarde's darkest hour, as the kingdom soon came under siege by forces of the Syndicate and Boulderfist ogres. Without the leadership of their feared warrior king, the armies of Stromgarde could not stop the Syndicate and Boulderfist and they now managed to occupy much of its terrain, including most of the capital city. Thoras was succeeded as Stromgarde's ruler by his son, Prince Galen Trollbane.

Thoras' nephew, Danath, was the tactical adviser to the Alliance Expedition to Draenor during the Second War, and was believed to have died after Draenor was destroyed and the Dark Portal sealed off; however, Danath has recently been discovered alive at Honor Hold, in the region now known as Outland. Thoras was the author of Danath's statue.

Dark Factions

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft RPG and is considered non-canon.

As of the period of Dark Factions (just before The Burning Crusade) the line of Igneas Trollbane is still alive and unbroken. It still seeks to reclaim Stromgarde from Syndicate control.[25]


  • "We honor your memory, nephew, and your sacrifice. Since the founding of our glorious empire, the path to valor has always been drenched with the blood of heroes." - dedication to his nephew, Danath, in the Valley of Heroes in Stormwind
  • "That fool! What did he do, let them through?" - upon learning of the Horde's passing through Alterac
  • "King! Bah. The word sits ill in my mouth. It's an outrage! He betrays us all, damn near destroys us, and this is all he gets? I say prison, if not outright execution!" - referring to Perenolde's house arrest after the Second War


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

  • "This Knights of the Ebon Blade are a powerful order, Deathlord. That you command such respect amongst their ranks speaks to your accomplishments and leadership. During my life, I always fought to preserve my kingdom and people. But for my failure as a father, their blood now stains my hands. So, I will wash the failure from my hands with the blood of demons. The time has come for me to return to the fray. Command, and I shall obey!"[26]
  • "This war will not be won with words."
  • "We alone stand vigilant in the night"
  • "I am ready."
  • "Victory without sacrifice is only an illusion."
  • "My heart still beats with the drums of war."
  • "We do what the living cannot."


  • An unused NPC representing Thoras Trollbane as a normal human is situated in the same ID range as other legendary warriors presumably meant to appear in Skyhold. This, along with the original plan of Tirion Fordring being raised as one of the Four Horsemen, means that the idea of raising Thoras as one of them might have been a late addition to Legion's development cycle.



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