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The Tirisgarde is the elite mage-guard of Dalaran whose order hall is the Hall of the Guardian. It was an organization called upon in the past by the Council of Tirisfal to do battle in the absence of the Guardian.[1] First created to hunt down Aegwynn after she went rogue,[2] the foundation of the Tirisgarde's strength lies in the ancient artifacts wielded by its champions, rather than empowering them directly like the Guardian.[3]

Class Campaign

Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.


Meryl Felstorm thought that he could banish Kathra'natir once and for all, but instead the dreadlord broke free. He was afraid that the dreadlord might have learned about a few of his secrets - such as those of the Council of Tirisfal- in the years he spent trapped within Meryl's body. The damage he could've done with this knowledge was unthinkable, and as such he had to be stopped.[4]


After requesting the aid of a powerful mage adventurer, Meryl explained that Kathra'natir was seeking an ancient relic called the Forge of the Guardian, used for centuries by the Council of Tirisfal to infuse their power into the Guardian. The Forge was hidden away in the Violet Hold, the most secure location in Dalaran as well as a place few would think to look. Its location was known only to the Council themselves, but the dreadlord now had this knowledge too.[5]

Opening the gates to the Hold, they found Kathra'natir, overlooking the Forge of the Guardian and draining it of its power with siphoning rifts. Together they engaged the dreadlord, but he proved much too powerful. Claiming that they needed the power of the Forge, Meryl temporarily encased Kathra'natir in a tomb of ice, which gave the mage accompanying him enough time to find a way past the dreadlord's barrier and destroy the rifts siphoning power from the Forge. When the mage activated the Forge, the spirit of Alodi mentally reached out to them and told them to use its powers in order to defeat Kathra'natir and send him back to the Twisting Nether.[6]

The dreadlord gone, the powers of the Forge left the empowered mage's body and manifested in the form of Alodi's ghost. Alodi told Meryl that Kathra'natir was still a threat, and that he would return and seek the Forge as soon as he regained his strength in the Nether. Meryl, deeming the Violet Hold no longer safe, asked the mage accompanying him and Alodi to join forces and together, they cast a teleportation spell to move the Forge of the Guardian to a safer location.[7]

The Hall of the Guardian

The Hall of the Guardian hadn't seen any use since the disbanding of the Council of Tirisfal, and though it was in disrepair, Meryl claimed that the wards protecting this place were still strong, and that it would serve their needs. Meryl's plan consisted in reforming the Tirisgarde, and making the mage adventurer its first champion.[7] He explained that the foundation of the Tirisgarde's strength lied in the ancient artifacts wielded by its champions, and as such, the mage's first task was to retrieve one such artifact. The mage thus browsed through the master appendix of the Hall's library, which listed every artifact known to the Council of Tirisfal, and went to retrieve the one of his choice.[8]

The mage was equipped, but Meryl believed that it was possible to unlock the artifact's power even further.[9] He explained that the Forge was not only used to create Guardians : it also served as a font of arcane energy which could be used to manipulate and empower such artifacts. This power would allow the Tirisgarde to gain the upper hand against Kathra'natir and the Burning Legion, and so he asked the mage to be the first to tap into it.[10]

After unlocking the weapon's untapped power, Meryl believed that the artifact was well on its way to reaching its true potential. But even with this power they weren't able to fight the Legion alone, they needed to begin recruiting other mages to their cause. Unfortunately, the protective wards surrounding the Hall were prohibitive to this. After all, Meryl couldn't personally teleport every one of them there.[10]

Reforming the Tirisgarde

Meryl spoke of a goblin who was a master of portals and teleportation by the name of Akazamzarak. His talents had gone mostly unnoticed, however, since he mostly used them for chicanery : he was a street performer. Fortunately for them, he was performing in the streets of Dalaran, grifting coins from the unenlightened masses. The mage thus took a bag of gold to see if they could convince the Great Akazamzarak to change vocations, and headed towards the Eventide where he was situated.[11]

Akazamzarak replied to the offer positively, saying he could gladly help them move mages around, if the price was right. When the two returned to the Hall of the Guardian, Meryl asked the goblin if he could manage the portals, handing him the locations. Indeed, Meryl had already sent word to many talented mages who could help, and they now awaited transportation to the Hall, where they could begin their new purpose. Akazamzarak immediately created plenty of portals through the protective wards, to Stormwind, Ironforge, Darnassus, the Exodar, the Undercity, Orgrimmar, Orgrimmar again, and the Borean Tundra. Mages from all around the world stepped through and arrived to the famous Hall of the Guardian. Meryl held the following speech:[12]

Meryl Felstorm says: Mages of Azeroth! I have brought you here to face a threat to the future of the world itself!
Meryl Felstorm says: The dreadlord Kathra'natir has escaped into the Twisting Nether, and he carries with him the secrets of the Council of Tirisfal.
Meryl Felstorm says: We must hunt him down in the Twisting Nether. Only then will we know his knowledge cannot be used against us.
Meryl Felstorm says: It is to this aim, that I hereby reform the Tirisgarde. I would ask that you join us in taking arms against the Legion! Are you with us?!
The assembled mages cheer in approval.
Meryl Felstorm says: It is done, then.

The Tirisgarde reformed, it was time for their mission to begin. The order needed leaders however, and though Meryl was an experienced mage, he claimed to be no strategist. The mage however had proven themselves capable, in both their past exploits and present. In presence of many of Azeroth's greatest mages, Meryl thus officially dubbed them Conjuror of the Tirisgarde. This ancient title symbolized the awesome responsibility borne by the Tirisgarde.[13]

Planning the war

While Meryl had personal business to attend to, the Conjuror met with their new goblin ally in the War Room, from where they would begin planning their next steps. Akazamzarak believed that they should keep up the recruiting and, fortunately, he believed that nobody negotiated contracts like a goblin.[14] While the Conjuror decided on where they would first take the fight to the demons, Akazamzarak started the recruiting.[15]

To defeat the Burning Legion, the Tirisgarde first had to recruit the greatest champions of their class to fight by their side, explained Meryl. Two of the greatest mages in Azeroth's present and past, Archmage Kalec and Archmage Modera, had come to help them succeed. The Conjuror of the Tirisgarde spoke to them, as they were exemplary representatives of their order, and enlisted their aid.[16]

While not everyone on the Council of Six agreed with her, Modera believed it was imperative to work together in order to defeat the Burning Legion once and for all.[17] Similarly, Kalec was honored to fight alongside the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde.[18]

During this time, Archmage Melis had been hard at work getting the Tirisgarde's command room up and running.[19] She explained to the Conjuror that they could direct their allies to carry out vital assignments across the Broken Isles through the Scouting Map. The first task happened to be critical. Archmage Omniara, a renowned summoner, was on her way to the Hall of the Guardian when she was attacked. Uniquely suited to this task, the Conjuror sent Archmage Kalecgos to her aid, after which she agreed to join the Tirisgarde.[20] A very powerful arcanist, her skills would prove to be quite an asset to the Tirisgarde. Capable of summoning multiple water elementals at the same time, she became a recruiter and her elementals would become invaluable troops in the fight against the Burning Legion.[21]

The Tirisgarde quickly after received word of survivors near the Broken Shore, but the area was still crawling with demons. Troops were sent to help with the rescue, and they returned with Chronicler Elrianne among the survivors. A well-respected archivist from the Kirin Tor, she also spent several months studying with the pandaren in their library in Tian Monastery.[22] Elrianne offered upgrades to the order hall.

Since the Broken Isles were the epicenter of ancient night elven learning, countless powerful magical artifacts were secreted away in forgotten vaults and reliquaries. The Conjuror of the Tirisgarde sent a few champions in order to secure some of them so they wouldn't fall into the wrong hands.[23]

The Empyrean Society

Meryl fell terribly sick, and had to spend his days lying on a bed. Archmage Vargoth's long-time apprentice, Ravandwyr, arrived at the Hall of the Guardian with an urgent message from his mentor. He informed the Conjuror that one of their champions had discovered some sort of powerful magic emanating from the secretive Empyrean Society Enclave in Azsuna. He explained that Archmage Vargoth had asked him to request Meryl's aid in investigating it, but since Meryl was too ill to travel at the moment, he asked the Conjuror if they were willing to go in his place.[24]

In order to gain entrance, the Conjuror would need to prove themselves. Ravandwyr explained that the Empyrean Society was a dangerous cult. They claimed to study all magic regardless of its source, but in reality they focused mostly on the forbidden. The only way for them to welcome the Conjuror to their enclave was for the latter to bring them a magical artifact. The Hatecoil naga in Azsuna had just found the perfect gift - a  [Pearl of Arcane Wisdom], and scrolls from the depths beneath the Nar'thalas Academy. Traveling to the Hatecoil Warcamp, the Conjuror recovered the gifts and met Ravandwyr on the road just north of the Empyrean Enclave.[25]

Nobody knew much about the Empyrean Society's activities here, but now that the Conjuror appeared to be one of their new recruit, they were able to ask some questions and take a look around for the strange magic Archmage Vargoth detected. Ravandwyr and the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde split ways to cover more ground before meeting again at the rotunda, and after examining the camp and questioning members of the organization, the latter learned that the Empyrean Society was using fel magic.[26]

The Conjuror met Esara Verrinde, who warned that the Empyrean Society was certainly much more dangerous than they appeared. She said that it was unimaginable that any mage would study fel magic - that it was for warlocks and the Legion only. Since their friend Ravandwyr appeared to be delayed, Esara and the Conjuror decided to deal with the sect themselves, and remove them so they wouldn't corrupt anyone else. They thus slayed many of their members, confiscated as many blasphemous, fel-inscribed tomes of demonic spells as possible, and recovered a rune of opening in the process.[27][28]

Esara believed that they had certainly reduced the Empyrean Society's numbers, and that they wouldn't be luring any more members to their cause for a while. There was only one place they hadn't investigated yet, the Headquarters of the Empyrean Society. She suspected that the rune they found was attuned to their door, so the Conjuror used the rune of opening to unlock the building's door, only to find Ravandwyr encased in a fel-prison because of Nora Blackfire, who claimed that Archmage Vargoth would hear of this intrusion. After killing her and freeing Ravandwyr, the elf explained that he thought he'd snoop around a bit before meeting the Conjuror at the rotunda, but his invisibility spell wore off at an inopportune time.[29]

In a chest, the Conjuror found a missive from Archmage Vargoth sealed with fel magic, which he handed to Ravandwyr.[29] The latter found it hard to believe that Archmage Vargoth would be involved with such a malevolent group, and thought that there must be a good explanation for why he'd been here. All returned to the Hall of the Guardian to inform Meryl about what they had uncovered here.[30] Ravandwyr and Esara were both happy to officially join the Tirisgarde afterwards,[31][32] and Grand Conjuror Mimic arrived as a recruiter to aid the mages in bolstering their numbers. She sought out the most promising apprentices and trained them very quickly, her former students being some of the most powerful conjurors in the land.[33]

Meryl's illness

Archmage Khadgar himself arrived to watch over his old friend Meryl. Khadgar explained that Archmage Vargoth's involvement with the Empyrean Society was indeed troubling. However, as he had proven his loyalty to the Kirin Tor many times, he deserved the benefit of the doubt for now. Still, Khadgar was obligated to share his concerns with the rest of the Council of Six. While the Conjuror would travel to Dalaran to meet with them in the Violet Citadel, he'd to care of Meryl.[34]

Khadgar found Meryl's illness troubling. He had seen something similar before, but he couldn't think of its name. He asked the Conjuror to talk to his friend, Ari. She had lived in the Hall of the Guardian since it was last in use. If a tome on magical afflictions was to be found here, she would know where to look.[35]

That Khadgar trusted the Conjuror meant much to Ari. She indeed knew of the book in which they sought, but it did not want to be found. It was old and angry and thirsted for power. To mollify and convince it to emerge from hiding in the proper way, Ari asked the Conjuror to bring it a gift of Nightwell energy from the Nightborne elves in Suramar City.[36] The Conjuror thus went and siphoned fifty vials of Nightwell energy, a fitting gift for a book of healing, to which the book, "Arcanists Guide to Rare Diseases", eventually reacted. Ari packaged the book up for them to bring to Khadgar, wrapping it in moth's wings to keep it soothed and light-hearted. She also insisted and gifted the Conjuror with her own wooden ring,[37] a simple, smooth ring carved from heartwood.[38]

The search for Vargoth

Meeting with the Council of Six, Archmage Ansirem Runeweaver told the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde that Archmage Vargoth had indeed been absent for a while. The Archmage authorized them to take a look around Vargoth's living quarters right above in the citadel tower. Runeweaver held out hope that their esteemed colleague was merely up to his usual eccentricities. Escorted there by Kalecgos, the Conjuror entered Vargoth's retreat and examined the surroundings. They found a brand new journal titled "The Nightborne Soulstone",[39] which described the precious object and how the energy of the captured souls stored within it could be channeled directly from the stone. If that was true, then it would be a very powerful relic indeed, added Kalecgos.[40]

A worried Kalecgos explained that Archmage Vargoth indeed seemed to be mixed up in something dangerous, though that wasn't unusual for an archmage of his caliber and experience. He believed that Vargoth may have headed towards the Arcway Vaults, but he suggested they investigated all leads first, in order to get a better idea of what Vargoth was up to. The Conjuror thus sent many of his champions to investigate Archmage Vargoth's travels. They were sent to Khadgar's Tower in Talador in the alternate Draenor to ask Zooti Fizzlefury, Vargoth's closest friend and confident,[41] as well as the ruins of Nar'thalas Academy because there was evidence that Vargoth had visited it recently.[42] A champion was also sent to Tel'anor since one of the magical tomes they had found in his retreat came from there,[43] as well as to Ashenvale because a crystal ball they found in the same study used to belong to Grommash Hellscream.[44]

In the mean time, the mage Edirah joined the Tirisgarde as researcher of artifact histories, explaining that her head would be in a book whether she was supported by the Tirisgarde or not. Learning more about these powerful weapons was critical to the fight against the Legion, she believed. By supplying the resources to keep them going, the Conjuror could assign more researchers on the job to turn out results faster.[45]

The Arcway Vaults

A champion eventually confirmed that Archmage Vargoth was seen entering the Arcway Vaults in Suramar.[46] However, the champion in question was unable to penetrate very far inside the Vaults due to the heavy Legion presence around it, so the Conjuror decided to go there themselves. Meeting Kalecgos on the ridge overlooking Felsoul Hold,[47] Kalec explained to the Conjuror that the Vaults had been buried and untouched for thousands of years. The Legion however made them accessible once again, though Kalec would've preferred them to remain hidden. The blue dragon brought the Conjuror to the entrance of the Vaults, and kept the demons busy outside while they headed in.[48] Before parting, Kalec added that Millhouse Manastorm had been quite vociferous about his intention to acquire the  [Nightborne Soulstone], and that if they found him, they may as well make use of him. He finally gave the Conjuror a crystal to contact him once Milhouse was located.[49]

The Conjuror did find Milhouse inside the Vaults, as well as a number of starving prisoners who could use their help. They thus conjured food and water to get them up on their feet, and eradicated as many demons as they could find.[50] These demons would yell troubling things such as "Vargoth has already won!". Adventuring deeper into the Vaults, the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde and Milhouse stumbled upon Archmage Vargoth who immediately encased them both in a ring of felfrost. He claimed that the Nightborne Soulstone was his, and that they were becoming quite a nuisance. A fel portal suddenly opened and from it Lady Kyranith arrived. Vargoth ordered her to meet him at the Oculus once she'd taken care of "our overly ambitious friends here".[51]

Kalec would say he was surprised by this terrible turn of events, but nothing surprised him of late. "It is dark times when even the most upstanding of us can fall..." he said, before they returned to the Hall of the Guardian to inform Archmage Khadgar of Vargoth's betrayal.[52] There, Millhouse Manastorm accepted to join the ranks of the Tirisgarde.[53]

A terrible loss

Archmage Vargoth's betrayal was an unimaginable loss to the cause. But before dealing with him, Meryl's condition had become dire. Unfortunately, it was not an illness at all claimed Khadgar, but a magical attack of fel origin. He suspected his old nemesis Kathra'natir was behind it, and he needed to buy him time. He explained that the Eye of Azshara contained a vast store of arcane energy from Queen Azshara herself, and that a vial of water from the Wrath of Azshara's body would sustain Meryl for a while.[54] Before the Conjuror headed there, Khadgar also explained that the Nexus indeed appeared to have fallen to the Burning Legion, and was heavily shielded. The Conjuror thus sent his champions to figure out a way to get inside,[55] and returned with the vial of arcane energy which would sustain Meryl for a while.

The Oculus

Khadgar feared that Kathra'natir was behind the attack on Meryl, and he suspected Archmage Vargoth's involvement was no coincidence. With little time to act, he expressed that it greatly pained him to order the destruction of an archmage of his caliber and worse, someone he once called friend. Indeed, Dalaran couldn't permit his betrayal to stand unpunished. It was time to follow him into the Oculus.

The Conjuror, ready, asked Archmage Khadgar to send them through the wards of the Oculus, where dragons from all dragonflights had come to take the Nexus back. The goal was to repel the Legion invasion by closing the demons' portals and sending them back to the Twisting Nether. The gateways closed, the Conjuror used an arcane portal to travel to the center Band of Transmutation. There, in the middle of the ring, Archmage Vargoth was being held captive.

The Conjuror freed him, and together they defeated the three Legion magi that were imprisoning him. The Conjuror then turned to Vargoth and ordered him to explain himself. Vargoth replied that he had never betrayed their cause : he was gathering notes on the  [Nightborne Soulstone] when he was contacted by an emissary of the Empyrean Society. When Vargoth arrived at their enclave, their old nemesis Kathra'natir was waiting for him. He'd been in his head ever since, controlling his every word and action. The Conjuror then asked him if the dreadlord was indeed behind the attack on Meryl, to which Vargoth replied positively. Kathra'natir was using the Soulstone and the power of the Nexus to drain Meryl of his power. Though together, Vargoth and the Conjuror could stop him.

They teleported to ground level, but the Nexus building inside which Kathra'natir was dwelling was heavily guarded. Using an invisibility spell, they bypassed the defenses and infiltrated the Nexus. There, the dreadlord was channeling the power of the  [Nightborne Soulstone] against an image of Meryl. They engaged him, and eventually imprisoned the demon within the Soulstone.[56]


Archmage Khadgar, Archmage Kalecgos and Archmage Modera had appeared at the last moment to witness the dreadlord's undoing, before bringing everyone back to the Hall of the Guardian, as well as the Soulstone for safekeeping.[57] There, Archmage Vargoth adressed the Conjuror of the Tirisgarde, and thanked them for saving his reputation, not to mention his life. Without their persistence, he would still be hanging above the Nexus yet, he claimed.[58] Khadgar, after having witnessed the Conjuror do the unimaginable, proclaimed that everyone was now in their debt. He was proud to henceforth finally name them Archmage of Dalaran.

Known members



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