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The purpose of writing this walkthrough transcript:

  • show all NPC (hostile and friendly) of locations
  • show all quest (including class)


  Ui-charactercreate-races human-male.png Human
  Ui-charactercreate-races dwarf-male.png Dwarf
  Ui-charactercreate-races gnome-male.png Gnome
  Ui-charactercreate-races nightelf-male.png Night Elf
  Ui-charactercreate-races orc-male.png Orc
  Ui-charactercreate-races troll-male.png Troll
  Ui-charactercreate-races tauren-male.png Tauren
  Ui-charactercreate-races undead-male.png Undead

  Alliance 64.png Alliance (after 60 level)
  Horde 64.png Horde (after 60 level)

  Inv misc book 09.png Rogue's Diary