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This article is about the playable undead Forsaken. For information about the Forsaken in general, see Forsaken.
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The undead of the Undercity, better known as the Forsaken undead[1] (also simply called Forsaken[1]), is a faction of playable undead in World of Warcraft allied with the Horde.

The undead start in Deathknell, a sub-zone located in western Tirisfal Glades.


Icon of Torment

Though Lady Sylvanas and her Forsaken finally took vengeance upon their hated enemy, the Lich King, their dark crusade in Northrend proved costly. Betrayed by their Grand Apothecary, Putress, at the Battle of Wrathgate, the Forsaken's devious plague of death was unleashed on both the Alliance and the Horde to calamitous event. Unbeknownst to Sylvanas, Putress and his demonic ally, Varimathras, had taken control of the Undercity. As a result, the Forsaken were wrongly blamed for the traitor's atrocities.

Though the Undercity was eventually retaken, Sylvanas and her followers still bear the weight of Putress's sins. Mistrusted by the other members of the Horde, the Forsaken must now prove their loyalty to the cause and redeem themselves from their supposed treachery. To this end, Sylvanas has bolstered her defenses within the Tirisfal Glades and readied her undead forces for any contingency. As one of the Forsaken, you must use your cunning and viciousness to slay any who would pose a threat to Sylvanas's rule be they human, undead, or otherwise.

Bound to the iron will of the tyrant Lich King, the vast undead armies of the Scourge seek to eradicate all life on Azeroth. Led by the banshee Sylvanas Windrunner, one group of undead broke away from the Scourge in a small period of time when the Lich King lost some of his power, and freed themselves of the Lich King's domination. These renegades call themselves the Forsaken. They fight a constant battle not only to retain their freedom from the Scourge, but also to exterminate those who would hunt them as monsters.

With Sylvanas as their banshee queen, the Forsaken have built a dark stronghold beneath the ruins of Lordaeron’s former capital city. This hidden 'Undercity' forms a sprawling labyrinth that stretches beneath the haunted woods of the Tirisfal Glades. From this bastion, the Forsaken wage an unending battle against the Scourge as well as the remaining humans who still seek to reclaim their lands. For though the very land is cursed, the zealous humans of the Scarlet Crusade cling to their scattered holdings, obsessed with eradicating the undead and retaking their once-beautiful homeland.

Convinced that the primitive races of the Horde can help them achieve victory over their enemies, the Forsaken have entered an alliance of convenience with the savage orcs and the proud tauren. Harboring no true loyalty for their new allies, they will go to any lengths to ensure their dark plans come to fruition.

As one of the Forsaken, you must eliminate any who pose a threat to the new order – be they human, undead, or otherwise.[1]


Starting attributes

Base Mage Priest Rogue Warlock Warrior Death Knight Hunter Monk
Strength 19 19 19 20 19 22 107 19 20
Agility 18 18 18 21 18 18 71 21 19
Stamina 21 21 21 22 22 23 99 22 21
Intellect 18 21 20 18 20 18 27 18 20
Spirit 25 27 28 25 27 25 47 26 25

Racial traits

Spell shadow raisedead.png [Will of the Forsaken] - instant - 3 min cooldown
Removes any Charm, Fear and Sleep effect. This shares a 30 second cooldown with other similar effects.
Ability racial cannibalize.png [Cannibalize] - instant - 2 min cooldown
When activated, restores 8 to 9% of total health and mana every 2 seconds for 10 seconds (40-45% in total). Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 5 yards.
Spell shadow fingerofdeath.png [Touch of the Grave] - passive
Attacks and damaging spells have a chance to drain the target, dealing Shadow damage and healing for the same amount.
Spell shadow detectinvisibility.png [Shadow Resistance] - passive
Reduces Shadow damage taken by 1%

In addition to these racial traits, Forsaken characters are also able to remain underwater indefinitely without running out of breath. This is not currently noted in abilities, but is automatically in effect for all Forsaken characters.

Reasons for racial traits

Although undeath was not something any Forsaken actually chose (as any willing undead would likely be with the Scourge), it brought new capabilities and immunities; [Will of the Forsaken] reflects the sheer mental will to resist the Lich King's will that every Forsaken innately possesses from the day of their dark rebirth.

As the Forsaken are physically dead, they have the ability to [Cannibalize], metabolizing the remains of humanoid corpses to regain their own strength.

The nature of their unnatural existence has given the Forsaken an innate resistance to shadow magic as it is what created them in the first place.

Prior to Patch 5.0.4, the undead possessed the racial ability [Underwater Breathing]. It was replaced in that patch with [Touch of the Grave].


  • Although they are "undead," the playable Forsaken are considered humanoids for game-play purposes (i.e. [Shackle Undead] cannot be cast on them).


  • In the Chinese version of WoW, a patch in 2007 covered up the bones of the Forsaken (and abominations).[2]
  • The males are voiced by Marc Graue.
  • The females are voiced by Kath Soucie.



Patch changes

  • WoW Icon 16x16.png Patch 1.2.0 (2004-12-18): Undead players will no longer be invisible when they first log in after watching the intro cinematic.