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"I am Irulon Doomfist. I am a simple man caught in many unfortunate and simultaneous circumstances. My family has fallen at the hands of a single entity, one that feels no remorse or pity. I intend to make sure that the spirits of my loved ones can rest in their peace. My only hope is that my mission does not lead to my ending before I can make peace of theirs."

- Irulon Doomfist
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Azshir The Sleepless (father), Isabella (mother), Traleon Llane (brother), Azshir Doomfist (son), Lord Aldarion (cousin)


Irulon Doomfist (pronounced either Ih-ruh-lon or Ih-roo-lon; born Irulon Llane) is a human male born in Deathknell. He grew up to become a prideful, but honest figure who worked toward the purging of the Undead and the victory of a challenging battle. He was noted to have some odd tendencies - little outbursts here and there when irritated - however, for the most part, Irulon was known to be good-hearted. His strange, yet funny personality could make others laugh, whether intentionally or not.

He had quite a harsh life after the Scourge's arrival, however he worked his way up the Argent Dawn ladder and eventually became the bodyguard of a well known Dawn captain, Lord Aldarion. Following the Argents wherever justice needed to be met, Irulon's unquestionable loyalty earned him much respect among his peers. With the death of the Lich King and the arrival of Deathwing, Irulon's quest for vengeance had finally been conquered. His destiny continues to unfold as he deals with an aging body, the rekindling of his relationship with his son, and a long-lost brother hiding in the shadows.

Irulon Doomfist stands a bit short compared to his fellow soldiers, yet his confidence remains unwavering. He is strong and well-built, excerising daily. His faded, light brown hair once showed a colorful bloom of life, but age has taken a toll, both physically and mentally. Upon his chin is a jagged scar, which he received in combat during his time in the Eastern Plaguelands. Irulon prefers to wear heavy plate while fighting, and once notably did his best to cover the lower half of his face in shame. During his time in Northrend, he received an elven blade by High Elves of the Kirin Tor for his bravery against the undead. However, it was shattered rather quickly in the Icecrown Glacier, after which he continued his use of the traditional steel sword and shield.

Birth and Childhood

The world of Azeroth had been under siege for many years by demons, orcs, and dragons. Medivh, the Guardian of Tirisfal who was possessed by the dark titan Sargeras , had been the reason for the Orc invasion. However, just before the First War and Orcish invasion had occured, a child had been birthed to the Llanes residing in Tirisfal Glades. Naming their son Irulon, Azshir Llane and Isabella Llane saw him as a future champion for Lordaeron. As he started growing up, Irulon Llane befriended another child residing near him named Leonid Barthalomew. They were the best of friends, but they also were quite mischievous.

The two annoyed King Terenas Menethil II enough to make any man mad, as well as play pranks on any newcomers to Deathknell. The two were both inseperable friends for much of their childhood.

Call of The Lich King

As Irulon grew up, however, he and Leonid grew apart. Irulon travelled to Silverpine Forest and Northern Lordaeron often to do errands for the king. Irulon was prideful in his duties and it was a rarity for him to fail. After his short run as courier, he trained to be a warrior of Lordaeron, intent on protecting his king.

A few years passed, Irulon vigorously continued training, but on a particularly rainy night, he heard a call inside his head that made him quiver. The voice spoke "Come... to the frozen wastes of Northrend. Serve me, and eternal immortality shall be yours." These calls came only once every few weeks, but they started becoming more and more common. A final time Irulon refused, the voice warned him of an imminent danger looming above, awaiting his order. The voice promised Irulon that he would serve the voice, one way or another. After a sleepless night, in the afternoon, Irulon heard a scream that made his blood freeze and his forehead sweat. He looked out his window and saw an army of rotting bodies attacking his village, and setting it to the flame, as well as killing innocents and raising them to join the attack.

Irulon and his family huddled together, but a knock came onto their door. Irulon's parents, Isabella and Azshir lost all hope, and said their farewells, which confused Irulon. The protecting parents threw him down into the basement, and locked it tight. Irulon hid under the stairs, confused, frightened, and feeling lost. He then heard the most frightening screams that changed his life forever. Azshir and Isabella Llane were slaughtered. Fortunately, the undead had not seen the basement door, and within an hour, there was only silence. Finally breaking through the basement door, Irulon stepped out of his house to find a ravaged village, a ghost town, with nothing to greet him but the cold, chilly dark.

Rise of Doomfist

With an enormous amount of confusion, the frightened Lordaeron soldier stormed out of Deathknell to find and warn King Terenas, but found he, along with the rest of the people of the city, had been slain. Bewildered, Irulon found refuge in the forest of Tirisfal Glades, searching for a living person to help him, but had only come across wildlife. After an short amount of time living on beasts, the forest became corrupt, and the animals with it. Irulon fled once again, until he found a great cathedral, with humans wearing red armor. This was the Scarlet Crusade. Irulon joined their ranks to purge the undead from Azeroth. Irulon met Alexandros Mograine, who took Irulon in as his apprentice. Alexandros renamed Irulon to Irulon Doomfist, due to his excellent punching power. Unfortunately, this friendship was not fated to last.

Irulon when joining the Argent Dawn.

Alexandros Mograine was lured to Stratholme, believing that he would be able to slay more Scourge. He did so, but the waves of the undead had tired him, and Alexandros took a quick rest. His son Renault, influenced by the sinister Kel'thuzad, had quickly took up his father's blade, and pierced Alexandros' heart, betraying his father. After High Inquisitor Fairbanks warned the Crusade about it, he was also slaughtered by Renault. Many stayed in the Crusade, and forgot about Alexandros. However, the wise ones formed a new order that would crush both the overzealous Crusade and the Scourge. This was the beginning of the Argent Dawn, as well as Irulon Doomfist, who decided to take revenge on Renault for slaying his own father figure. With his best friend Leonid again at his side, the duo also vowed to avenge their parents' deaths, as well as the undeath of Leonid. Their mission had only begun.

Presumed Death

With joining such a faction came the task of traversing the world, and as such, Irulon ventured to Kalimdor, to speak with the elves there, in hopes of learning more about their natural ways. Irulon believed that they could be of use in wiping out the Plague. While on his mission, Irulon came upon a Warsong orc. The orc was injured in Forest Song, and Irulon helped him recover. He brought the orc safely to his encampment near the Warsong fortress. The other orcs didn't take too kindly to a Human encroaching on their lands, and they exiled the Orc for being a "coward." The orc befriended Irulon, however, as he realized that the Warsong Orcs were blind and overzealous in that area, and since Irulon saved him from death. The Orc revealed himself to be named Morg'throk. The two found the Scourge army, and held their ground for a while, but it was of no use. The Scourge surrounded them, and soon, a powerful Lich had arrived.

Irulon and Morg'throk both jumped to hit the Lich, unknowing that eachother had jumped, and Morg'throk misdirected his cleave and cut into Irulon's spine. Irulon's paralyzed body smacked into the Lich, and they both fell to the ground. Morg'throk also fell on them, however he had somehow escaped. Eventually he returned to Orgrimmar, his mind too scarred to reveal what had happened after he fell on the Irulon and the Lich. Aldarion, Irulon's mentor and best friend, set out to find Irulon in order to either save him, or conclude his death.

Rescue Mission Code "D" for "Doomfist"

Lord Aldarion himself sought to find Irulon because he knew the location of the mission. As he came upon the relative area that Irulon had battled in, Aldarion immediately felt the icy chill of death that was seeping through the forest. A foul scent permeated the air. Hours went by, but no luck. It seemed as if all hope was lost and Irulon was gone forever. Aldarion then found a large, ominous portal, guarded by green dragonkin. They spotted him, and he fleed quickly. Eventually they stopped, and Aldarion tripped over a root, and fell down into Xavian. He saw a few bushes next to him, and there seemed to be some sort of gushy berry juice flowing from the bush. Aldarion pushed his hand to make way, when suddenly he jumped back, his very core frozen as the snow in the Dragonblight. He then quickly took his arm, and grabbed what had frightened him so much.

Out came Irulon's broken body with a thump. Aldarion frightened by the stench and the bloody corpse, began casting a healing spell, when all of a sudden everything went black. Lord Aldarion awoke chained to walls he had not remembered ever seeing. He looked up and found one of the most terrifying sights ever. He had been imprisoned by monstrous satyrs. They had not noticed he had awoken. Aldarion then looked to his side to see that they had chained up the lifeless Irulon as well. Lord Aldarion had screamed, and instinctively, the satyrs had ran toward the noise, holding their axes in air. They had made a grave mistake. They had cut the chains that held Aldarion, and he was angered. Slipping past them swiftly, he found his axes, picked them up, and found himself to have been parried. He swung many times but they were intelligent and cunning. He swung and swung, a slight sound of cutting the air following every swing.

One had snuck up behind him with a razor sharp dagger, and had charged at him. Aldarion then pushed himself with his axes on the other satyr's axe, and went straight through the charging satyr's legs. The charging satyr had just impaled the other one. Lord Aldarion then got up, and found himself dueling a gigantic, yet fast satyr, now with two daggers. Aldarion swung and swung, eventually cutting into the very neck of the satyr, with a terrifiyng scream following.

The satyr fell to the stone-pathed ground. Lord Aldarion then axed off Irulon's chains, and caught him. He casted a healing spell, and Irulon slowly revived, his wounds mysteriously healing through some odd enlightening aura. They had quietly escaped, not alarming the other satyrs.

Return to Lordaeron

Around the time of the reopening of the Dark Portal, Irulon and a few of his friends built a small encampment within Stromgarde. However, this was merely for a short time, as Forsaken spies began invading the territory and attacking both the group and the Stromgarde guard remnants attempting to hold the structure against the Syndicate and ogres. Irulon's friends scattered and fled the area, and he was eventually forced to do the same.

After hours of roaming the Arathi grounds, a messenger had found Irulon and told him that many lieutenants of the Dawn and Aldarion had suddenly gone missing. Irulon, realizing that the Argent Dawn squadron he was apart of had figuratively imploded, buried his Argent Dawn tabard and all banners in the Arathi Highlands soil. Searching for refuge, Irulon found his way to the Western Plaguelands, where there was a small encampment consisting of a few Argent Dawn members and an S:I7 agent. They allowed him to use a gryphon of theirs to fly off into Light's Hope Chapel, where Irulon spent his days, until the Lich King made his presence known once again.

Irulon during the N Death Knight [55] The Light of Dawn.

Dreadful Premonition

After the battle that occured at Light's Hope Chapel, Tirion Fordring merged the Silver Hand and Argent Dawn into what would be known as the Argent Crusade. They traveled to Northrend to take the fight directly to Arthas. For months, the forces of the living charged through places such the Borean Tundra and the Dragonblight. After much progress, the Crusade finally made their way to the glacier itself. Many lines of undead were found within the haunted domain of death, but the light protected the heroes for as long as it could. While fighting the Scourge, Irulon crossed a bridge leading to Mord'rethar, and saw a vast army of Scourge residing there. However, he could not enter, as many Necromancers had held up a magical wall, preventing entry. The Argent soldier was spotted by a mysterious figure in the sky, which turned out to be a Death Knight on a Frost Wyrm.

Irulon attempted to run, but of no use, because a Flesh Giant had come up behind him, blocking the way back. The Death Knight jumped down, and conversed with Irulon. The Death Knight told Irulon that his name was Tharianos, and that he was the future version of Irulon, and then attempted to death grip one of Irulon's hands off of his arm, unsuccessful. Irulon was shocked in disbelief, and pushed the Death Knight off of the ledge of the bridge to Mord'rethar. The Death Knight was almost caught by the frost wyrm, but then he signaled it to let him fall. He smashed into the ground hard, and Irulon was speechless. The Frost Wyrm oddly took Irulon up, and let him down safely near an Argent Crusade encampment, leaving Irulon down and confused, as well as leaving him to think about the event. In truth, this was a plot by the Lich King, who brought the Death Knight known as Tharianos out of the Pit of Saron to confuse Irulon, so he could be lured into Scourge influence. Tharianos was forgotten and his body was never recovered.

Entering the Domain

Irulon fighting in the Argent Coliseum.

Eventually, Tirion Fordring sought out a foothold in the northeastern part of the glacier. There, they constructed a valiant base of operations in order to train the warriors of righteousness to enter the throne of the dark prince itself. After much time of trials in a giant stadium created by the Crusade, these paladins joined forces with the Knights of the Ebon Blade to form a final assault on Icecrown Citadel, temporarily merging into one faction known as the Ashen Verdict. Assaults led by Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner in the Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and Halls of Reflection had revealed many secrets about the Lich King, which turned out to be useful in the final battle. The final goal that stood before them was the very domain itself, Icecrown Citadel.

The Life of a Warrior

As the Argent Crusade finally tore down the main door of Icecrown Citadel, many heroes were recruited by Lady Sylvanas/Jaina Proudmoore to attack Icecrown from the side, to ambush the Lich King. Irulon gathered up a small group of champions to assault three inner sanctums, Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron, and the Halls of Reflection. These heroes had struck down terrifying foes, such as Bronjahm, Scourgelord Tyrannus, and Forgemaster Garfrost. After this, they had entered the Halls of Reflection. Shocked to see Frostmourne unguarded on a pedestal, Jaina had contacted spirits from within, and found the ghost of Uther the Lightbringer.

After many warnings by Uther, The Lich King had weakened Uther's spirit back into his blade. The Lich King had forced the heroes to face Falric and Marwyn, Arthas' former captains in life. After defeating them and many spirits of Arthas' past, they had found Jaina losing a battle with the Lich King. Temporarily freezing him in ice, they ran. The Lich King had called down ice to block them, and minions to eliminate them. The heroes had to fend off many Scourge minions to allow Jaina enough time to knock down each wall of ice. Finally, a tunnel to the outside had been reached. Just before they had reached it, Irulon attempted to strike at the Lich King, but failed was knocked back, only narrowly escaping.

The Skybreaker had arrived, and had shot at the mountain to block the Lich King from reaching the heroes, and they had boarded, leaving with much knowledge, including the much-asked questioned to be finally sealed: There is no more Arthas Menethil anymore. Returning to the front, the heroes were ready to gather more forces and finally enter the Lich King's very domain itself, Icecrown Citadel. Irulon is ready to have his revenge, both for himself, and for all of his old home.

Fall of the Lich King - A New King Arises

At long last, Irulon, the Ashen Verdict, and a group of adventurers had entered Icecrown Citadel and struck the final blow to The Lich King. Tirion had been unleashed and shattered Frostmourne with the Ashbringer, allowing the Lich King to be defeated. During the fight, The Lich King had also revealed to Irulon that the death knight who claimed to be Irulon's future was merely a trick, a ruse of the Lich King intended on bringing a confused Irulon straight into the Scourge ranks. But the Lich King, as well as Tharianos, were finally dead. Ready to assume the duties of the Lich King, Tirion held the Helm of Domination in his hands, when all of a sudden Bolvar Fordragon had shouted out to him.

Bolvar, with a horrifyingly altered physical body, had demanded that he be the one to be the Jailer of the Damned. Reluctantly, Tirion placed the helm on Bolvar's head. Bolvar told Tirion to tell everyone that the Lich King is dead, and that Bolvar died with him. Irulon and the adventurers walked out of Icecrown Citadel with the knowledge of Bolvar's fate, but they had swore to each other and Tirion that the secret would never be figured out. Now, with Icecrown Citadel defeated and the tyranny of fear gone, Irulon set out back to the old world, retiring from his fighting with his goal succeeded.

Relative Happiness

It had been done. Irulon had finally avenged his loved ones and his homeland itself. The Lich King finally met his end. Arthas Menethil had been shown justice. After the cannons were pulled back, the forces ready to return home from their long sought victory, Irulon had felt proud of himself and his allies. His cause for vengeance had been completely faded. Irulon had only felt the need to relax and find ways to entertain himself. That is until Irulon was met with a surprise that would greatly affect his life.

Feeling proud and accomplished after the Lich King's fall, Irulon finally set to relaxing. He had returned home to the Eastern Kingdoms with many surprises for him. First, the area known as Westfall had been filled with war veterans who were tossed aside by the Alliance due to the inability to pay them for their work. Hearing of such grim news, Irulon sought to help. Along the way, however, his long-lost brother, Traleon Llane, had found Irulon after many years searching. He revealed many secrets about the family, such as their original home in what is now Duskwood. They had left there due to the darkness creeping through and wanted to find a safer home.

However, just as they were talking, a group of Defias thugs, later found out to have been led by Edwin VanCleef's daughter, Vanessa VanCleef, had snuck in and slew Traleon. Irulon was able to fend them off, but Traleon was ambushed from behind. Irulon was left to question the events regarding the meaning of the Defias' presence within his temporary home, and many more of Traleon and his other family members. Irulon fell into a deep depression. However, such unrest would only be exacerbated by a new force of reckoning waiting to tear down all of the work that was made to keep Azeroth safe.


Twilight Menace

The Twilight's Hammer had returned. The dragons serving Deathwing had found their way into the realms beneath Wyrmrest Temple and they were ready for a complete siege. Unable to find true meaning to continue, Irulon had forced himself to pick his armor back up and sheathe his blade once more to join the fight again the new tyranny. Irulon had not been part of the group of heroes that ended up slaying the Twilight Destroyer, but he had been of aid in eliminating some resistance within the draconic realm. Irulon helped the Red Dragonflight in any way he could to end the threat. With the terror of the Scourge finally conquered and Azeroth in peace, Irulon was able to settle down, if only for a mere while.


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

With a newfound will to fight, the aging Irulon continues to strive for his people and a world that he has worked so hard in order to defend. Recently finding many relatives, including his deceased brother, as well his son, has brought out many swift feelings that have overcome Irulon with emotion. Feeling the need to continue fighting for his people, Irulon joined up with Stormwind in order to bring down the foes that would dare try and take their world from them. However, more danger lies ahead, some yet unaccounted for within his own allies.

Irulon along with some adventurers.

Mission For The People

While patrolling the area of Light's Hope Chapel and training newcomers, a stout messenger arrived and handed him a firm letter, seemingly purified by the greatest of paladins. Opening the letter, Irulon was intrigued to find that he had been summoned to aid a caravan travel northward from the Thandol Span. After contemplating the possibilities for a moment, he agreed to the proposal and head down south by gryphon. Eventually arriving, Irulon found two men of the light: one knight of the light, and a squire fighting under the knight's banner. Their meeting was short-lived, however, as the weather began to erupt and rain poured down heavily onto their bodies. The travel across the Arathi Highlands was unusually simple, especially after traveling through the north tunnel that leads directly to the Hinterlands. Besides a Blood Elf magi crashing around them with his mount, all seemed to be calm. The group stayed a night at Aerie Peak, where not only was the squire quickly knighted out of necessity, but a new hero also joined the prestigious group.

Eventually, the master knight head off to Hearthglen, leaving the others to head out into the Eastern Plaguelands. There, an encampment was already laid out by a couple dwarf knights defending their surroundings from hordes of undead. The major question remained as to who would command. At first, a noble within the group was given the position, but he had declined, and so Irulon himself was quickly hurled into commanding the group. Though the undead brought about a fierce battle, severely wounding one of the dwarves in the process, the heroes had claimed victory in the end.

After they had conquered the Scourge forces, Irulon had decided to retire to the tent above the hill. As he did so, the rest of the group decided to leave without him. Waking up and finding himself and the previously mentioned noble all alone, he was irritated. Through a quick motion of shortcuts, Irulon had managed to pass out the group to the chapel. While there, unfortunately, Irulon had noted to Lord Maxwell Tyrosus that the group may be infected with the undead plague. Of course, being paladins, the dwarves were able to enter the area without much problem. But a true grudge was to come.

Eventually, the master knight would make his way to Dun Modr and, hearing of this, Irulon wished to report the dwarves' action to him. Heading south once more, Irulon found the master knight only to find harsh words and contempt. The two champions in their own right argued mercilessly about the situation, finding no end even when a group of Forsaken arrived and threatened to burn the place down. Irulon, the master knight, and a large group of dwarven fighters defended the town until all hope was lost, and they were forced to escape through a tunnel in the basement of the inn. Finding themselves lost within, they eventually crawled out of a crevice location in front of the entrance to Grim Batol. With anger in their hearts, Irulon and the master knight refused to even converse with each other. As the group head a bit east to rest their weary bones on some rocks, the master knight told the group that he must leave them once more and again head off to Hearthglen for more information. As he did, Irulon also fled the scene and returned to the Light's Hope Chapel, filled with not only anger at the knight's disbelief of his story, but also embarrassment for his own clouded judgment on the same night.

Final Battle

The Final Battle

Speculation / Notes

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

It has been speculated that Irulon was related to Llane Wrynn I and his family. Such speculations are false, as Llane was Wrynn's first name.

Irulon Doomfist had no relations to Irulon Trueblade whatsoever besides having the same first name.

Many refuse to believe that Azshir and Isabella are Irulon's parents due to their hair color being different, but this is because in undeath, Isabella's hair grew old and dark. In life it was dark blonde, but it has become corrupt, as the rest of the forest she lives in.

There are little records of Irulon being in a relationship with anyone, but the fact that he has a son proves that he had been together with some woman for a time. It is known that she was killed sometime during the Third War.

Memorable Quotes

  • Why don't we just give the Tauren a big feast? ...Oh, right...
  • Why do Orcs smell so bad? Don't they smell that odor coming from Orgrimmar?


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