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Image of Vagath
Race Nathrezim (Demon)
Level 70/72 Elite
Health 139,720/147,600
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Illidan's forces
Location Shadowmoon Valley (WoW), Twisting Nether (Lore)
Status Defeated (Lore)

Vagath is a nathrezim loyal to Illidan Stormrage. He was one of Maiev Shadowsong's jailors the others being Zandras and Akama. Vagath was very arrogant and mocked Maiev threatening to torture her.[1]

Vagath arrived at the prison and question Akama who tricked jim into believing that all is well and "kills" the intruder.[2]

Later, during the Black Temple raid, the Sha'tari and the Ashtongue Deathsworn attacked the temple, where Maiev personally killed Vagath while screaming at Akama that he is a traitor.[3]

Tricked by Akama

After completing the quest entitled Akama, a small scripted event between Akama and Vagath occurs. Vagath arrives with two demonic minions and yells out:

Vagath says: Mortals, here? What is the meaning of this, pathetic Broken!
Akama whispers: Have no fear, <race>. Just play along.
Akama "kills" the player and reassures Vagath.
Akama says: A mere nuisance, I assure you! Tell the Master his prisoner will not escape while Akama and his Deathsworn watch over her.
Vagath says: You'd do well not to toy with me, Akama. Illidan has given me strict orders to keep watch on the Warden. If I find out you are hiding anything from me, I will crush you with my bare hands!


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