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Valorous Nightsong Garb

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Valorous Nightsong Garb is the 10-man Tier 8 set for Balance Druids.


shortcut iconSee also: Valorous Nightsong Regalia for the Restoration version of this set, or Valorous Nightsong Battlegear for the Feral version.


The Valorous Nightsong Garb items are sold in Dalaran. They are "purchased" with Tokens of the Wayward Vanquisher.

Slot Token Dropped by
Head 1 Helm of the Wayward Vanquisher Mimiron
Hands 1 Gloves of the Wayward Vanquisher Freya
Legs 1 Leggings of the Wayward Vanquisher Hodir
Shoulders 1 Spaulders of the Wayward Vanquisher Thorim
Chest 1 Chestguard of the Wayward Vanquisher Yogg-Saron


Valorous Nightsong Garb

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