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Warcraft the Movie

This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft movie continuity, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon. The canon status of movie-exclusive characters relative to the main Warcraft universe has not yet been revealed.

Warcraft movie poster.jpg
Official film poster
Directed by
Produced by
Written by

Charles Leavitt
Chris Metzen

Music by
Editing by
Distributed by
Release dates(s)

June 10, 2016[1]

Running time

120 to 150 minutes[2]


United States




Expected to top $100 million[3]

Warcraft (to be released internationally as Warcraft: The Beginning)[4] is an upcoming fantasy epic film based on the Warcraft series and set on the world of Azeroth. It is planned to be released on June 10, 2016.[1] It is rated PG-13.[5] The film was shot over 123 days, from Jan 20 through May 23 2014.[6] The film's trailer made its debut on November 6 at BlizzCon 2015.[7]


The film is set in the era of the First War, and stars Anduin Lothar of Azeroth and Durotan of the Frostwolf clan. The two were chosen because they both represent the ideals of their races.[8] Strong female characters are also to feature.[5]


After turning Draenor into a barren land with the use of fel magic, Gul'dan decides the creation of a portal to lead the Horde to a new world.

A pregnant Draka comes into labor when crossing the Dark Portal, Gul'dan delivers the baby who is near-dead, using his powers he siphons the life of a nearby deer and give it to the newborn whose skin turns green.

In Stormwind City, reports of raiding parties in the country side reach King Llane Wrynn who sends his commander, Anduin Lothar, to investigate.

Khadgar, a young wizard, is caught by the guards while searching the dead bodies of a garrison's soldiers. Questioned by Lothar, he explains that the fel is at work and the Guardian of Tirisfal should be consulted. Understanding the situation, King Llane summons Medivh to the court for counselling.

While investigating an area corrupted by the fel, Lothar, Medivh, and Kadghar are attacked by an orc party. Medivh casts a spell that target the orc corrupted by the fel magic, leaving Durotan, Blackhand, and another orc, who are still uncorrupted, to flee the scene. Lothar manages to capture Garona and a fleeing orc for questioning.

Garona explains the goals of Guld'an and his plan for the Horde: coming to Azeroth.

Feeling that humans could help him against Gul'dan, Durotan meets with Lothar and King Llane. Orgrim Doomhammer, doubting his chieftain, informs Gul'dan of the meeting, which is interrupted by a troup of orcs. In the battle, Medivh assists his kin but is overwhelmed by the fel magic and splits the battlefield in two, locking Lothar's son with the orc party. Blackhand proceed to kill him in front of Lothar who cannot break the barrier to help him.

Understanding that something is wrong with the Guardian, Khadgar and Lothar return to Karazhan for answers. Medivh reveals that he tried to contain a demon but ultimately failed and summoned the orcs to Azeroth. Activating a stone golem, Medivh tries to finish the spell to re-open the Dark Portal.

Back at the orcish base, Durotan defies Gul'dan to a mak'gora in front of the Horde, hoping that they will realize how evil Gul'dan's magic is. At first Durotan has the upper hand, but Gul'dan finaly resorts to use the fel to kill him, leaving the warriors of the Horde puzzled. Later on Gul'dan summons the Dark Portal to bring the rest of the Horde to Azeroth.

Hunted by Gul'dan's assassins, Draka put her son in a basket in the river to give him a chance of survival, and turns on her agressor, which she manages to kill an instant after he stabbed her.

The human army, led by King Llane and Garona, launches an all out assault on the orcish base at the Dark Portal.

While Lothar distracts the stone golem, Khadgar creates a teleportation spell, which he uses to throw the golem on Medivh, crushing him and stoping the spell in the process. With his dying breath, Medivh turns the Dark Portal to Stormwind, allowing the army and the prisoners to return safe. However, Medivh dies and the portal closes before Llane and Garona can cross it.

Llane asks Garona to kill him in front of the Horde, allowing her to be accepted back in the fold as a true orc and giving chances for peace, to which she agrees tearfully.

Lothar reaches the battlefield and reclaims the body of his King, however, before his gryphon can take off, Blackhand catches hold on it and sends Lothar plummeting.

When Lothar awakens, Blackhand challenges him to a mak'gora, tossing him his sword. Dodging the powerfull charge, Lothar cleaves Blackhand in the torso. Driven by honor, every Horde soldier acknowlegdes Lothar as a true warrior, allowing him to leave with the body of Llane. Enraged, Gul'dan tries to stop him but Garona stop him, claiming that if he does not respect his people's traditions, no orc will ever follow him again.

In Stormwind City, a royal funeral is held for King Llane, during which Lothar pledges to destroy the Horde for Azeroth.

Somewhere along the water stream, Go'el his rescued by a human.


A prequel comic written by Paul Cornell and illustrated by Mat Broome titled Warcraft: Bonds of Brotherhood will be released on June 07, 2016.[9] A pair of tie-in novels written by Christie Golden, Warcraft: Durotan and Warcraft: The Official Movie Novelization, will be released on May 3, 2016 and June 7, 2016.[10] Warcraft: Behind the Dark Portal, a behind-the-scenes book by Daniel Wallace, will also be published on June 7, 2016.

Cast and crew


The following tables show the full cast of the movie:[11]

Name Character Role Affiliation
Ben Foster  Medivh[12] Guardian of Azeroth Kirin Tor
Travis Fimmel  Anduin Lothar[13][14] General of the Azeroth Army Alliance, Kingdom of Stormwind
Dominic Cooper  Llane Wrynn I[13] King of Stormwind Alliance, Kingdom of Stormwind
Paula Patton  Garona Halforcen[12] Gul'dan's slave Horde
Toby Kebbell[12]  Durotan[15] Chieftain of the Frostwolf clan Horde, Frostwolf clan
Robert Kazinsky[12]  Orgrim Doomhammer[15] Durotan's second-in-command Horde, Frostwolf clan
Daniel Wu[12]  Gul'dan[15] Founder of the Horde Horde
Clancy Brown[12]  Blackhand[15] Warchief of the Horde Horde, Blackrock clan
Ben Schnetzer  Khadgar[15] Former student of the Kirin Tor, Apprentice to Medivh Alliance. Formerly: Kirin Tor
Ruth Negga  Taria Wrynn[15] Queen of Stormwind Alliance, Kingdom of Stormwind
Anna Galvin  Draka[15] Durotan's mate Horde, Frostwolf clan
Name Character Role Affiliation
Callum Keith Rennie  Moroes Servant of Medivh
Terry Notary  Grommash Hellscream Chieftain of the Warsong clan Horde, Warsong clan
Dylan Schombing  Varian Wrynn Prince of Stormwind Alliance, Kingdom of Stormwind
AI  Go'el Durotan and Draka's son Frostwolf clan
Burkely Duffield  Callan Lothar's son
Anna Van Hooft  Aloman
Dean Redman  Varis
Ryan Robbins  Karos
Toby Kebbell  Antonidas Medivh's teacher Kirin Tor
Dean Redman  Caged Frostwolf Frostwolf clan
Elena Wurlitzer  Draenei Mother
Michael Adamthwaite  Magni Bronzebeard King of Ironforge


  • Director - Duncan Jones[16]
  • Executive Producer - Stuart Fenegan[17]
  • Co-Producer - Chris Metzen[18]
  • Producer - Charles Roven[17]
  • Producer - Alex Gartner[17]
  • Producer - Thomas Tull[17]
  • Producer - Jon Jashni[17]
  • Writer - Charles Leavitt[17]
  • Visual Effects Supervisor - Bill Westenhofer[19]
  • Score Composer - Ramin Djawadi[20]


  • Azeroth
    • Dalaran
    • Dun Morogh
      • Ironforge
    • Elwynn Forest
      • Stormwind City
    • Goldshire
  • Draenor
    • Dark Portal


Concept artwork of Draenor, Ironforge, Dalaran, and Stormwind City were shown, implying they all may make at least some sort of appearance.[8] Lion's Pride Inn and Elwynn Forest will appear.[5] A piece of concept art depicting the construction of the Dark Portal in the wastes of Tanaan was given to a fan at San Diego Comic Con 2014.[13]

Chris Metzen has compared the film to Marvel Comics' Ultimate line, in that the broad story is what fans know and love but the details are different[8] (the Ultimate line comics have their own canon independent of the core Marvel universe)[21] so therefore the film continuity (the film and its literature) is separate.[22][23] The movie has been described as a war story, but one told from the viewpoints of both sides.[5]

In a May 9, 2006 press release, Blizzard Entertainment and Legendary Pictures (makers of Batman Begins and 300) announced that they will develop a live-action film set in the Warcraft universe. Legendary Pictures has acquired the movie rights for the game universe, and both companies are now focused on translating the Warcraft experience to the big screen.[24][25][26]

New details about the movie were reveled at BlizzCon 2007.[2][27]

On July 22, 2009, Blizzard Entertainment announced that Sam Raimi would become the Warcraft movie director. Sam Raimi is the famed director for the blockbuster series, Spider-Man, and has generated 5 Academy Awards nominations in his career. Raimi also wrote and directed the cult classic The Evil Dead and its two sequels, and produced 30 Days of Night. He also recently wrote and directed the thriller Drag Me To Hell. In addition to film, Raimi has worked in television, producing such fantasy series as Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.[18]

The live-action film was set for release in 2009, but was later rescheduled to 2011.[28]

Uwe Boll attempted to apply for the job of director, from which Blizzard CEO Paul Sams replied "We will not sell the movie rights, not to you…especially not to you."[29]

According to IMDB, the manuscript writer will be Chris Metzen. (Jesse Wigutow was mentioned, but has been removed).[30] IMDB information on pre-release movies should be taken as suspect, though. IMDB generally only removes false information if someone reports it.

According to Mike Morhaime, there is a draft script.[31] Chris Metzen mentioned that the film will be action-packed and violent, stating "We're definitely not going to make a G or a PG version of this. It's not PillowfightCraft."[27]

During Blizzcon 2010, Chris Metzen said that they have the story ready and that Raimi and his team have agreed to it and that Blizzard is just "waiting for the big green light in the sky". Nethaera said in March 2012 that "It's still on the radar. We just don't have any current updates to provide."[32]

During Comic Con 2012 Sam Raimi confirmed that the Warcraft film moved on, due to Raimi's unavailability. "Actually, they don't have me directing World of Warcraft anymore because when I took the Oz job, they had to move on to another director," Raimi said. "They had to start making it."[33] Later Raimi explained that he and Robert Rodat were working on the script for a long time. He read a screenplay written by Blizzard, and it didn't quite work for him. Raimi told them he wanted to make my his original story with Robert, so they pitched it to Legendary and they accepted it, and then we pitched it to Blizzard, and they had reservations, but they accepted it. After Robert wrote the screenplay, they realized that Blizzard had veto power. Blizzward didn't approve this story, and they wanted to go a different way.[34]

On August 2, 2012 the studio announced that they've hired writer Charles Leavitt to pen the screenplay. Leavitt has already written one fantasy film for Legendary, The Seventh Son, which is due for release in October 2013. Meanwhile, Activision Blizzard President Bobby Kotick, who has thus far been hesitant about adapting his company's games into movies, issued a statement saying that if its "important to Blizzard, it's important to me. They're very excited about having a World of Warcraft film," Kotick told Variety. Kotick continued, "They've been very careful and thoughtful about the development process... I just think [Legendary founder and CEO] Thomas Tull has such a great track record. If there's someone we want to do business with, he's at the top of the list."[35]

On January 30, 2013, Duncan Jones—director of Source Code—was announced as the new director.[16] In May 2013 producer Charles Roven told Slash Film that Warcraft is currently planned to shoot in early 2014. "First quarter 2014 we're going to shoot that movie."[36]

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros ended their partnership on June 24, 2013, but the film shouldn't suffer delays from this situation.[37] Thomas Tull, CEO of Legendary and producer of the movie, mentioned on July 1, 2013 that the script is not finished yet, because they "absolutely don't want to screw it up", a reference to that most movies based on video games have poor reviews.[38]

A teaser for the film was shown at San Diego Comic-Con on July 20, 2013.[39]

In August 2013, it was announced that Legendary Pictures would present the film to Universal Studios in the upcoming months. It is up to Universal whether the film will be distributed.[40] It was announced later in the month that filming will begin in January of the following year.[41] Much of the film's production will take place in Vancouver.[42]

Casting started in late September 2013, with Colin Farrell and Paula Patton offered lead roles,[43] and with Paul Dano, Anton Yelchin, Travis Fimmel, and Anson Mount in talks for other roles.[44]

On October 1, 2013 a release date for the movie was announced: December 18, 2015.[45]

On November 9, 2013, during the 2nd day of BlizzCon 2013 there was a full hour panel featuring director Duncan Jones along with Chris Metzen & Rob Pardo about the movie.[46][47]

On December 4, 2013, Legendary Pictures made a cast reveal: Ben Foster, Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Toby Kebbell, and Robert Kazinsky would star in the movie.[12]

On December 19, 2013, Legendary Pictures revealed that Daniel Wu & Clancy Brown would join the cast.[48]

Plot development

Early development

The film was originally set in the era of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans. This was scrapped, however, as there were notions that it would be too similar to Lord of the Rings and that Warcraft had reached its current level of popularity through its MMORPG, rather than the previous RTS games.[2]

The movie was later said to be set one year prior to World of Warcraft, primarily told from the Alliance's point of view. Characters such as Cairne Bloodhoof, Thrall, Sylvanas Windrunner, and Bolvar Fordragon would be likely to make appearances.[2] At BlizzCon 2007, Chris Metzen said that the main character was set to be a new hero described as a "kick-ass Human" and an "Anti-Thrall",[49][50] but not Varian Wrynn.[51]

Metzen also stated clearly that lore would be bent for the sake of the film.[50]

If the film works out the producers would be excited to continue the story. A trilogy hasn't been ruled out. Metzen has teased many trilogies if they put their mind to it.[5] Jones has mentioned the possibility of an additional two films as well.[52] Additionally, they are hoping for a TV series in the same vein as Game of Thrones if the film is successful.[5]

Concept art of Teldrassil was released in relation to the film, hinting that at least some of the film takes place there, and perhaps by extension, in Darnassus. Blizzard artists, such as Wei Wang, contributed over 4,000 art pieces for the film.[5] Collaboration existed, in that ILM took photos and scans of the actors playing orcs, and forwarded them onto Blizzard. Blizzard provided concept art based on these images as to how the orcs should look. The concept art subsequently formed the basis of the 3D effects.[53]

BlizzCon 2013

BlizzCon 2013 featured an entire panel on the movie. They revealed that the story was going to be around the time of Warcraft 1, and that the focus was going to be on Anduin Lothar and Durotan, as they felt it was important to portray both the Alliance and Horde. Concept art was shown of Dalaran, Stormwind, Ironforge, and Draenor.[47]

BlizzCon 2014

BlizzCon 2014 featured a movie panel. It was stated that the film had been moved from the World of Warcraft timeframe to that of the first game, due to the abundance of storylines and characters in the former, and how difficult it would be to translate them into film format.[54]


The June to November period of 2013 was focused on pre-production. Half the cast is live-action actors and the other half are motion-capture technology based actors. Real costumes will be crafted for the actors performing with motion-capture technology to have photographic references for the animations. Physical props will be used in the case of Elwynn Forest and the weapons used by human characters.[5] Duncan Jones has likened the film's use of CGI as being "somewhere between Planet of the Apes, Fellowship of the Ring and Avatar.[55]

Production of the film is being documented as it progresses. Jones is hoping for a "the making of"-type book or "behind the scenes" DVD feature.

The music of the film is being designed to be true to the game series's soundtracks.

The Orcish language was developed for the movie by a linguist who also worked on the Lord of the Rings film trilogy and Avatar.[5]

Post-production was handled by Industrial Light and Magic.[56] At the start of post-production, ILM had to work on over 1000 visual effects. By May, 2015, 50 remained.[53]

Weta Workshop carried out work on physical props and costumes for the film. 84 full suits of armor were produced for Stormwind's royal guard, along with hundreds of weapons and shields. Specific pieces of armor and weapons were created for major characters, including King Llane. The weapons were created through a combination of steel and lightweight materials.[57]

Lore differences

Movie Lore
Anduin Lothar has a deceased wife and a son. Queen Taria Wrynn is his sister. Anduin Lothar has no family and is the last of his ancient bloodline.
Durotan is killed by Gul'dan in a duel. Durotan is killed by Gul'dan's assassins.
Go'el is born near-dead and Gul'dan uses the fel to save him, turning his skin green. Thrall is born sane and with green skin.
Llane Wrynn has a daughter and a son. Llane Wrynn I only has a son.
Garona chooses to help the human against the Horde. Garona is a spy of Gul'dan and the Shadow Council.
Llane Wrynn I asks for Garona to kill him in front of the Horde. Garona is forced to kill Llane Wrynn I by the Shadow Council.
Moroes is a member of the Kirin Tor. Moroes is a civilian.
Khadgar joined the Kirin Tor at the age of 6 and left it at 17 becoming an independent mage. Khadgar was 17 when he was sent by the Kirin Tor to study with Medivh.
Medivh is crushed to death by a stone golem sent over his head by Khadgar. Medivh is stabbed by Khadgar and decapitated by Lothar.
Dalaran is a flying city. Dalaran is still grounded.
Alodi is a cubic artifact held by the Kirin Tor. Alodi was a half-elven mage and the first Guardian of Tirisfal.
Blackhand is killed by Lothar in a duel. Blackhand is killed by Orgrim Doomhammer.
Orgrim Doomhammer is Durotan's second-in-command and a member of the Frostwolf clan. Orgrim Doomhammer is Blackhand's second-in-command and a member of the Blackrock clan.
The Frostwolf clan is exterminated on Gul'dan's order. Members of the Frostwolf clan are sent into exile.


  • Easter eggs referencing the film will be placed inside the World of Warcraft game series.[5]
  • Clancy Brown, who plays Blackhand, previously worked on the Warcraft franchise in the canceled game Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans, where he voiced Thrall.[58]




Behind The Scenes Character Posters



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