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Warforged items are upgrades of non-Tier 16 items that have a slim chance to drop from Normal and Heroic mode boss encounters in Siege of Orgrimmar or in world boss Ordos. The Warforged designation awards an additional six item levels to an item — where a normal mode item has an item level of 553, a Warforged normal item is item level 559. The same applies for Heroic items: regular Heroic items are item level 566, whereas Heroic Warforged items are item level 572.

While drop rates for Warforged items are rare, they will be slightly more common in 25-player modes as compared to 10-player modes. Additionally, using a [Warforged Seal] (the Patch 5.4.0 equivalent of an [Elder Charm of Good Fortune] or [Mogu Rune of Fate]) will afford a chance to receive a Warforged item.

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