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Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted

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Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted

Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted is a shrine situated at [37.3, 30.1] on the Thunderpaw Overlook in north-central Jade Forest, overlooking the Thunderpaw Refuge and the Tian Monastery. Interacting with the shrine is one of the objectives of the Pandaria exploration achievement [Legend of the Brewfathers].

Xin Wo Yin the Broken Hearted

Father of the Heartswell Brew.

The Heartswell brew infuses the drinker's entire being with a profound sense of warmth and wellbeing. It is said that Xin Wo Yin so loved the product of his art that he wept tears of heavy sorrow over every keg that left his brewery.

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