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For the monk talented ability, see [Invoke Xuen, the White Tiger]. For the world boss, see Xuen (tactics).
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Xuen the White Tiger is one of the four creatures known as the August Celestials who watch over Pandaria. Xuen watches over the Kun-Lai Summit from the Temple of the White Tiger and is sometimes referred to as the Northern Celestial.


The Duel of Thunder and Strength

Thousands of years ago, the armies of Lei Shen - the Thunder King - marched onto Kun-Lai Summit. His empire was growing, and slaves were required for the building of its cities and fortresses. So rather than attack the summit, Lei Shen boomed with his mighty voice: "Choose the greatest warrior among you and have him face me in one on one combat. Should I win, your people will submit to my rule. Should he win, I shall leave these lands in peace." "Challenge accepted!" came a voice that boomed across the mountains almost as strong as the thunderous presence of Lei Shen. From the mountains descended Xuen, the White Tiger. The August Celestial had seen the plight of the free peoples and could bear it no more. It is said this duel lasted for thirty days and thirty nights, and the emotions of this duel awoke the sha in great force. But in the end, Xuen fell, crushed by the sheer might of Lei Shen's unearthly power. And so Xuen was placed in a prison at the pinnacle of Kun-Lai Summit and made to watch as the pandaren and hozen were made slaves. But the tiger never submitted to Lei Shen's torture. In captivity, he grew stronger. His failure was a lesson, his pride now in check, and he waited until the pandaren slaves would dare to challenge the might of the mogu emperors.[1]

The Burdens of Shaohao

Xuen and Shaohao.

After he freed himself of his doubts, despair, and fear, Shaohao - the last Emperor of Pandaria - journeyed to the high peaks of Kun-Lai Summit, where Xuen and the greatest warriors of Pandaria reside. As Shaohao announced his need of an army, Xuen, having recognized a great darkness within the brash emperor, asked him why does he fight. When Shaohao replied his intention to crush the Burning Legion and anyone who stood in his way, Xuen refused to hand him his warriors, but issued a challenge to the emperor: If he managed to touch anyone of his warriors with his staff, they are his to command. For hours Shaohao fought, but the warriors were too quick and too nimble for the untrained emperor. He grew angry, he cursed, and finally, broke the staff over his knee. Humbled, the Emperor asked the White Tiger what was wrong, and learned that his own passions made him weak. To save Pandaria, Shaohao would have to combat his own anger, hatred, and violence. Defenseless, Shaohao was attacked by the Sha he created, but as the smoke cleared, the Emperor was unharmed. One of the warriors sacrificed himself for his Emperor.[2] The Emperor was forever changed, and as he set forth on the final leg of his adventure, he was a creature of patience, love, and peace.[3]

Mists of Pandaria

MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Xuen in WoW.

It is Xuen who was visited by Anduin Wrynn, Zhi the Harmonious and Taran Zhu. He tests adventurers who seek to gain entry into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and he is present when the gate to the vale is opened.

He also calls the adventurers to do dailies or in short: fight fighters. He also oversees the fights during the Arena of Annihilation.

After the death of Zhi, mogu invaded the vale and Xuen granted his powers to the Golden Lotus warriors.


As part of Wrathion's legendary journey, he and an adventurer visited the White Tiger in order to get his blessing.

Timeless Isle

The trial of Xuen

The trial of Xuen is simultaneously a test of strength and a test of restraint. When Xuen gave Emperor Shaohao a 10-foot-pole and asked him to strike one of Xuen's warriors, the Emperor could not land a blow. For without restraint, anger and hatred run wild. To pass the trial of the Tiger, warriors must harness their power, while burying their thoughts of violence.[4]

Siege of Orgrimmar

During the quest N [90] Why Do We Fight?, the celestials alongside the ghost of Shaohao, Lorewalker Cho and Adventurer gathered around to begin to heal the Vale. As he stands before the tree he still knew you as an inspiration.

Your strength has helped free this land of its long-held darkness. It is my honor to witness your deeds with my own eyes, Champion.

War Crimes

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Xuen and other Celestials chose to hold a trial involving the members of the Alliance and Horde rather than sentence Garrosh Hellscream among themselves. During the trial, Xuen took the form of a human as a show of respect to the gathered races.[5]



  • "Welcome."
  • "Hmm, yes."
  • "I'm listening."
  • "Show me your strength."
  • "You must have the mastery to move where you choose to move and the wit to move before your opponent."
  • "Strength is more than how hard you hit; your strikes must have control and purpose."
  • "You can also just go for the groin."
  • "Why are you clicking on me so much?"
  • "Remember, strength comes in many forms."
  • "Good travels."
  • "Test your might."
  • "Fight with strength. Fight with honor."

B [87] A Celestial Experience
  • Ten thousand years ago, the last Pandaren Emperor came seeking my advice. He, too, was filled with conflict. Let us see if you are correct, Taran. Let us see how this stranger deals with the turmoil of the soul.
  • Well spoken, Zhi. The strangers from beyond the mists have no shortage of passions, but let us see if they indeed control them. Beyond anger lies hatred, the wellspring of all misery. What is this? Your hatred has a face!
  • Well, this one has indeed proven mastery over anger. Between the young cub's words and the actions of this hero, I think I understand - those from beyond the mists are harded by battle. They are scarred, yes, but they have learned much.. I trust them.

B [87] A Witness to History
Their strength is an inspiration... and sorely needed. We must trust that their hearts are pure.

N [90] Celestial Blessings
Wrathion says: Great White Tiger! Hear our plea.
Wrathion says: My champion and I seek the blessing of your strength.
Xuen says: Ah, the young black dragon graces my temple. The deeds of you and your champion are quickly becoming Pandaren legend.
Wrathion says: I take great pride in the company I keep.
Xuen says: Tell me, young prince: What is the nature of strength?
Wrathion says: The power to crush one's foe. That is strength.
Xuen says: You speak only in terms of one's enemies.
Wrathion says: Certainly, strength can benefit one's allies.
Xuen says: How so?
Wrathion says: ...by using it crush their enemies!
Xuen says: A black dragon, through and through. Very well, I will give you my blessing, but also some advice:
Xuen says: Strength used in the service of others is twice as powerful as strength spent on one's foes.


  • Xuen is voiced by Jonathan Adams, who also plays Tyrael in Diablo III.
  • Golden Lotus warriors calls him Xeun, presumably a typo.
  • In the original four symbols of Chinese mythology which the August Celestials are based on, the white tiger is in the West, not the North.
  • Like the Dragon Aspects, the August Celestials have the ability to take on mortal forms. During the trial of Garrosh Hellscream, Xuen appeared as a pale blue human with white and black stripes on his skin and in his hair.[6]

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