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Yaks are large, shaggy bovines native to Pandaria and also found on the Wandering Isle, used as draft animals by the pandaren, grummles and yaungol. They made their first appearance in World of Warcraft during Mists of Pandaria.


These beasts of burden are know to carry over five times their own weight and are capable of lasting several days without food or water.[1] Riding yaks are bred to be slimmer and more agile than their kin.[2]

The bond between yak and Yakrat is a strange one, and what the rat gains out of the symbiotic relationship is a mystery.[3]

Grummles traveling through Kun-Lai Summit by night prefer to ride the dark-haired Black Riding Yak to remain unseen, though they remove the bells from its caparison first.[4]

A great beast that seems to move and think at a glacial pace, the thick coats of the Ironfur yaks dwarf any ram hide seen in Alterac. Powerful horns give the Ironfur a thrusting attack that can send a full-grown sailor off-balance. The meat of the Ironfur contains more fat, and is more filling, than that of the Windfeather cranes.[5]



As a mount

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Some Yak mounts are sold by Uncle Bigpocket <Used Yak Salesgrummle>, found at The Grummle Bazaar.


  • Yaks were temporarily tameable by hunters in the MoP beta by accident, and had the abilities of goats.
  • Yaungol greatly resemble humanoid yaks.