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For world boss, see Yu'lon (tactics).
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<The Jade Serpent>




Leader of the August Celestials



Yu'lon the Jade Serpent was one of the four creatures known as the August Celestials who watched over Pandaria. Yu'lon watches over the Jade Forest.


The Mogu Empire

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

During Lei Shen's conquest of Pandaria, he and the mogu overpowered the four August Celestials. Yu'lon was the last Celestial to remain uncaptured, and she spread wisdom to the pandaren of the Jade Forest during their time under the mogu empire. During a visit to one of the slave camps, Lei Shen sent a bolt of lightning streaking across the sky that pierced Yu'lon's body and sent her crashing to the earth. Yu'lon awoke underground, where the pandaren had secreted her away to a hidden cave built in honor of the August Celestials. The Jade Serpent, so moved by what she saw, imbued the place with her magic to help the miners find the wisdom, hope, fortitude, and strength they had lost in life. But she was dying, and so she requested that the pandaren build a statue of her.

For a hundred years, generations of miners toiled. All the while Yu'lon, still wounded from the Thunder King's attack, drew closer to death. At the moment when the work finished, she breathed her last breath. The miners wept that they'd failed to save her, but the statue moved and its eyes opened; Yu'lon had been reborn through the statue, and to this day she still must reincarnate through a new statue when she grows weak.[2]

The Burdens of Shaohao

Mists of Pandaria

MoP This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Yu'lon in WoW.

Fei is a female Pandaren illusion used by Yu'lon to test the adventurer.[1]

Every hundred years a enormous jade state is built in the temple grounds, so Yu'lon can transfer her life essence into the sculpture, which would then turn into a new being. This cycle has been going for generations.[3]

Yu'lon and the other three Celestials opened the gate to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

She also granted her powers to the Golden Lotus warriors when the mogu invaded the vale after the death of Zhi the Harmonious.

Temple of the Jade Forest

Main article: Liu Flameheart

During the encounter with Liu Flameheart, roughly around 30%, she summons Yu'lon to defend her. After Yu'lon is defeated, she frees the priestess of all doubt, killing her and flying off.


As part of Wrathion's legendary journey, he and an adventurer visited the Jade Serpent in order to get her blessing.

Timeless Isle

The trial of Yu'lon

The trial of Yu'lon is a test of wisdom and faith. With omens of a bleak future floating through his mind. Emperor Shaohao climbed to the summit of Mount Neverest to seek the council of the Jade Serpent. Yu'lon urged Shaohao to cast off the dark emotions that plagued him, and through his trials, Emperor Shaohao would become one with the land. To pass the trial of the Serpent, warriors must be wise in their choices.[4]

Siege of Orgrimmar

During the quest N [90] Why Do We Fight?, the celestials alongside the ghost of Shaohao, Lorewalker Cho and Adventurer gathered around to begin to heal the Vale. She flies around in a circle after the tree was planted upon the ground to begin the process of healing Pandaria.

There is much work ahead of us if we are to heal the land and mend our wounds. But thanks to your deeds we no longer must work in the shadow of one of the seven breaths of Y'Shaarj.
In time, the sha will cease to be, and your name will be remembered with the reverence of the last emperor.

War Crimes

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Yu'lon and other Celestials chose to hold a trial involving the members of the Alliance and Horde rather than sentence Garrosh Hellscream among themselves. During the trial, Yu'lon took the form of the Panda cub from the Jade Forest as a show of respect to the gathered races.[5]

The Jade Hunters

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Disguised as Fei, she led Fenella Darkvire, Carrick Irongrin and Fendrig Redbeard to dig in the same mine to which none where happy.

Later on the dwarves learn of how the the Thunder King overpowered the other August Celestials and that Yu'lon was the only one left. She would inspire the pandaren miners to seek knowledge and escape the mogu’s grip. One time, Yu’lon was hit by Lei Shen and crushed to the ground. She awoke in the same chamber that the pandaren had built to worship the Celestials in secret. Amazed by this, the jade serpent would ask them to build a statue of herself; for she knew that The Thunder King’s hit would eventually kill her. Eventually, she would die next to the miners and while they mourned, they saw the statue they build, moving. Yu’lom had taken a new form and ever since then, the pandaren miner’s decedents would do the same.

When they returned as friends from their journey, Fei reveled her true form and flew into the sky.


She is involved in the following quests:


Notable appearances
Location Level Health
Jade Forest 90 393,941
Temple of the Jade Serpent 87 - 92 5,374,625 - 10,539,800
N [90] Celestial Blessings 100 553,014


  • Greetings, little one.
  • May joy be in your heart.
  • I will guide your way.
  • A new day is upon us.
  • What do you seek, my child?
  • Spring will bloom.
  • May your journey be joyful.
  • Wisdom guide your path.
  • Farewell little one.
  • The cycle always turns.

N [86] The Jade Serpent
I apologize for the deception, but it was necessary.
In thousands of years, we have never seen one of your kind.
It was imperative that I first measure the bearing of your heart.
Come ride with me, little one. There is something I wish you to see.
The Temple Priest are too frightened to face the truth...
I grow old, little one. My time on this world is nearly done.
Do you see that great statue in the distance?
A little more jade - the jade you helped to acquire - and it will be finished.
With my last breath, I will transfer my life essence into the statue, and a new guardian will be born.
Do not be saddened. The cycle is clear - it neither begins nor ends with me
Someday, you may also be called upon to defend all that is dear to you.
When that day comes, seek all the light and wonder of this world, and fight.
We live together, or we die together. All of Pandaria is connected.
I grow weary. I must rest now.
Good-bye, little one. I will see you soon enough.

N [86] Moving On
This battle has extracted a heavy toll. My own rebirth will have to wait for several years.
Learn from this, stranger!
I do not know why the mists have opened. But I know that it is for a reason.
It is clear that you are not here to bring your war to these lands. There is a darkness hidden here in Pandaria - this you have seen for yourself!
But I am certain that the mists parted for a reason. YOU are that reason. Find your purpose here.
You can learn a great deal about this land from the Valley of the Four Winds.
There is another visitor from beyond the mists here. "Chen Stormstout" he is called. He is Pandaren, but from a different homeland.
Walk this land with Chen at your side. Make friends among the people here. You will find answers in time.

B [87] A Witness to History

(Patch 5.4)

Children of Pandaria. The mists have fallen. For good or for ill, our land is open to all.
Let us draw ourselves together to rebuild this sacred place, the first step toward healing a war-torn world.

(Pre-patch 5.4)

Children of Pandaria. The mists have fallen. A new era dawns for us all. Accept the healing powers of this Vale... but use these gifts wisely.

N [90] Celestial Blessings
Wrathion says: Great Jade Serpent. Hear our plea.
Wrathion says: My champion and I seek the blessing of your wisdom.
Yu'lon says: Ah, the dragon-child and the hero. Together you will achieve great things.
Yu'lon says: Tell me, dragon-child. What is the nature of wisdom?
Wrathion says: To do what is right, no matter the cost. That is wisdom.
Yu'lon says: Spoken like a true child of the Aspects. Always seeking to change the world.
Yu'lon says: But true wisdom comes from KNOWING what is right. And sometimes DOING nothing at all.
Wrathion says: When is it ever wise not to act for the greater good?
Yu'lon says: To learn THAT is to learn true wisdom.


  • Yu'lon (玉龙, pinyin: yù lóng) is Chinese for "jade dragon".
  • In the original four symbols of Chinese mythology which the August Celestials are based on, the dragon in the East is blue instead of green. However, it should be noted that Classical Chinese lacked distinct terms for blue and green, using the term qīng (青) for both colors. (Modern Mandarin Chinese uses lán (藍) for blue and (緑) for green.)
  • Yu'lon is voiced by Debi Mae West.
  • Like the Dragon Aspects, the August Celestials have the ability to take on mortal forms. Yu'lon's mortal appearance of choice is a young pandaren girl named Fei, used in the Jade Forest and at the trial of Garrosh Hellscream.

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