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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.
The Zabra Hexx action figure.

Zabra Hexx is a troll priest featured in the Ashbringer comic. He was the inhabitant of Scarlet Monastery before the Scarlet Crusade took up residence there.

Zabra appears to be wielding [Zabra's Misplaced Staff] and is the namesake of the Horde Priest Tier 9 set, the Zabra's Raiment set.

Meeting the Mograines

Zabra appears in Ashes to Ashes as a troll who had taken up residence in the Scarlet Monastery and learned the ways of the Light from the books within its Library. He is found by knights of the Silver Hand, led by Alexandros Mograine, who confirmed his connection to the Light, saving him from being killed by Brigitte Abbendis. Zabra promises to never forget Alexandros' act of mercy.

Later, he encounters Darion Mograine, who at the time is mourning his father's death. Zabra suggests that the spirit of Alexandros Mograine has not passed on, claiming that he can still feel a connection to Mograine through the Light, though it has been obscured. When Darion asks him about Alexandros' whereabouts, Zabra tells him that he had seen a vision of a fortress floating above a burning city, and then vanishes mysteriously.


  • Zabra appears in DC Unlimited's World of Warcraft: Series 2 action figure set. He is also name-checked in the pre-Cataclysm Darkmoon Faire fortune readings for Horde priests.[1]


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