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For strategy on the Zul'Gurub encounters, see Zanzil (tactics).
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Jungle troll (Humanoid)








Deceased (Lore) / Killable (WoW)

Zanzil the Outcast is a level 46 troll found in the Ruins of Aboraz in Stranglethorn Vale.


Years ago, the Gurubashi exiled one of their own from Zul'Gurub: a troll by the name of Zanzil. The reasons why aren't all that clear, but it had most likely something to do with Zanzils tendency to administer powerful, behavior-altering drugs to anyone he saw. His mixtures causes those who drink it to become strong but feeble minded - similar to zombies.[1]. Apparently, he is the one troll too insane for the likes of the Gurubashi.

Zanzil's liberal use of Zanzil's Mixture has drugged just about everything in the Ruins of Aboraz into obeying him, including naga, Chucky "Ten Thumbs" and Yenniku. Yenniku was captured by Zanzil, who took control of his body and mind, and then sent to the Skullsplitter Tribe to make them join him. Using a Soul Gem, players were able to retrieve his soul.


Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Years after the Gurubashi priests and their blood god have been slain, Zanzil the Outcast is enlisted by the shade of Jin'do to help him restore Zul'Gurub to its former glory by resurrecting both High Priestess Jeklik and High Priest Venoxis using his special elixirs. Though the player managed to thwart the resurrection of Jeklik, High Priest Venoxis was successfully brought back to life.

After the Zandalari pledge to aid Gurubashi reach their former greatness, the Gurubashi begin attacking Stranglethorn and Zanzil personally ventures to The Cape of Stranglethorn and turns the inhabitants of both Hardwrench Hideaway and the Explorers' League Digsite into voodoo zombies by poisoning the food in each town.

He was killed in Gurubashi capital of Zul'Gurub, failing in his attempts to redeem himself to the empire.[2]


  • The unscrupulous goblin Crank Fizzlebub wants to get his hands on the potent solution that Zanzil creates to make a liquid to drug others
  • Zanzil has a set of rings from Zul'Gurub named after him: Zanzil's Concentration.
  • It is likely that Zanzil created the poison, Touch of Zanzil.
  • It appears that Zanzil has a very low self esteem. However, the reason for this remains unknown. He also apparently has no friends.[3]
  • Despite a quest, Jin'do, and Zanzil himself mentioning and implying that he was a exiled from the Gurubashi, his Encounter Journal page lists him as being exiled from the Skullsplitter tribe.


When appoached by Shade of the Hexxer When Shade of the Hexxer talks to Zanzil the Outcast

Zanzil the Outcast says: Jin'd the Hexxer! It's been a while since I've seen that mask.
Zanzil the Outcast says: What brings you out to my part of Stranglethorn? I'm not accustomed to taking visitors from the esteemed Zul'Gurub.
Shade of the Hexxer says: You know well enough about why I'm here, Zanzil.
Shade of the Hexxer says: The Gurubashi have fallen on hard times. I live, and Mandokir has returned..but the rest of us are gone.
Zanzil the Outcast says: What a shame...but not a concern for an old exile like Zanzil.
Shade of the Hexxer says: Well, Zanzil, I'd like to make it your concern. I've recovered the bodies of High Priestess Jeklik and High Priest Venoxis.
Shade of the Hexxer says: I remember what you can do with those elixirs of yours. Can your elixirs help an old friend?
Zanzil the Outcast says: Friend? You were among those who spit and threw stones. Jin'do. But let's let bygones be bygones eh?
Zanzil the Outcast says: So you bat and you snake need Zanzil's help? Very well. I'll see you inside Zul'Gurub...old friend.

At the alter of Jeklik during the quest B [32] Plunging Into Zul'Gurub

Zanzil the Outcast yells: What're you doin here? Don' matter. I'm gonna resurrect Jeklik before you get a chance to interfere!
Zanzil the Outcast yells: I've had enough of this! Time to take a break..
Zanzil the Outcast yells: Zanzil's back!
Zanzil the Outcast yells: Uh oh...Jin'do's not gonna be happy about this...
Zanzil the Outcast yells: Time to get out of here!

At the alter of Venoxis during the quest B [32] High Priest Venoxis

Zanzil the Outcast yells: You're back for more huh? Too bad, because I've got a stronger potion mixed up this time! Venoxis will live!
Zanzil the Outcast yells: I can't take much more of this...


Zanzil is voiced by Joe Ochman/IMDB.


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