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"Captain" Klutz

Neutral 32.png"Captain" Klutz
-Captain- Klutz.jpg
Image of "Captain" Klutz
Gender Male
Race Hobgoblin (Humanoid)
Level 25
Reaction Alliance Horde
Former affiliation(s) Defias Brotherhood
Location Deadmines
Status Killable

"Captain" Klutz is a hobgoblin located in the Deadmines in the scenario.


Pet type humanoid.png "Captain" Klutz
Peticon-beast.png Ability smash.png [Smash]
Peticon-humanoid.png Ability monk powerstrikes.png [Clobber]
Peticon-humanoid.png Inv potion 57.png [Giant's Blood]

Patch changes
Patch changes

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