"Fidge" Frostflash

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Neutral"Fidge" Frostflash
Image of "Fidge" Frostflash
Title <Memory of the Council of Tirisfal>
Gender Female
Race Gnome (Undead)
Level 110
Class Mage
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Council of Tirisfal, Kirin Tor
Location Krasus' Landing, Dalaran [61.6, 44.4]
Status Active (ghost)

"Fidge" Frostflash is a gnome ghost located at the bottom of the stairs leading to Krasus' Landing in the Broken Isles-version of Dalaran.


She is involved in the quest N Mage [101] Memories of Ebonchill.


<A shadowy image of a gnome floats before you, a distant memory from the past. She is concentrating on a powerful spell, but mistakes you for someone else as you approach.>

Alodi! You've returned. Let me see that staff of yours. Yes, yes... I can help you, of course. But you should hear what the rest of the council is saying behind your back. You're lucky they need you.

Gossip I seek the wisdom of the council.
"Fidge" Frostflash says: I hope you know what you're doing. But if not... At least we're in for some fireworks. Good luck out there!


  • She is one of seven random daily Memories located in Dalaran. Talking to one will apply [The Council's Wisdom] buff.

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