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25 Cooking Awards

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • 25 Cooking Awards
  • Obtain 25 Cooking Awards.

This is an achievement that requires the player to obtain 25 Epicurean's Awards. They can be obtained by doing daily quests in Dalaran, Stormwind (Alliance) or Orgrimmar (Horde).


AllianceAlliance HordeHorde
Type Dalaran Quests
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Cheese for Glowergold H Cooking [77 Daily] Cheese for Glowergold
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Convention at the Legerdemain H Cooking [77 Daily] Convention at the Legerdemain
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Infused Mushroom Meatloaf H Cooking [77 Daily] Infused Mushroom Meatloaf
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Mustard Dogs! H Cooking [77 Daily] Mustard Dogs!
Daily A Cooking [77 Daily] Sewer Stew H Cooking [77 Daily] Sewer Stew
Capital City Quests
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] A Fisherman's Feast H Cooking [120 Daily] Careful, This Fruit Bites Back
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Feeling Crabby? H Cooking [120 Daily] Crawfish Creole
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Orphans Like Cookies Too! H Cooking [120 Daily] Even Thieves Get Hungry
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Penny's Pumpkin Pancakes H Cooking [120 Daily] Everything Is Better with Bacon
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] The King's Cider H Cooking [120 Daily] Stealing From Our Own
Daily A [120 Daily] A Fowl Shortage H Cooking [120 Daily] Escargot A Go-Go
Daily A [120 Daily] A Round for the Guards H Cooking [120 Daily] Fungus Among Us
Daily A [120 Daily] Can't Get Enough Spice Bread H Cooking [120 Daily] Lily, Oh Lily
Daily A [120 Daily] I Need to Cask a Favor H Cooking [120 Daily] Roach Coach
Daily A [120 Daily] Keepin' the Haggis Flowin' H Cooking [120 Daily] Would You Like Some Flies With That?
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Back to Basics H Cooking [120 Daily] Corn Mash
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Remembering the Ancestors H Cooking [120 Daily] "Magic" Mushrooms
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Ribs for the Sentinels H Cooking [120 Daily] Mulgore Spice Bread
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] Spice Bread Aplenty H Cooking [120 Daily] Perfectly Picked Portions
Daily A Cooking [120 Daily] The Secret to Perfect Kimchi H Cooking [120 Daily] Pining for Nuts



  1. [Cooking Award]
  2. [10 Cooking Awards]
  3. [25 Cooking Awards]
  4. [50 Cooking Awards]
  5. [100 Cooking Awards]

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