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Returns detailed information about an event.

info = C_Calendar.GetEventInfo()


structure - CalendarEventInfo
Key Type Description
title string
description string
creator string (nilable) The name of the character who created the event
eventType enum CalendarEventType The type of event, as specified by C_Calendar.EventSetType
repeatOption number The repeat setting. Currently unused
maxSize number 100
textureIndex number (nilable) The index of the event's texture in the list returned by C_Calendar.EventGetTextures
time structure CalendarTime When the event occurs
lockoutTime structure CalendarTime Currently unused
isLocked boolean whether the event is locked
isAutoApprove boolean whether signups to the event should be automatically approved. Currently unused
hasPendingInvite boolean whether the player has been invited to this event and has not yet responded
inviteStatus number (nilable) const INVITESTATUS; The character's current invite status for the event
inviteType number (nilable) const INVITETYPE
calendarType string const CALENDARTYPE
communityName string (nilable)

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