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Returns the icon flags for a section, such as Magic Effect and Heroic Difficulty

iconFlags = C_EncounterJournal.GetSectionIconFlags(sectionID)


number - section ID to retrieve information about.


number[] (nilable) - ID of a flag to display for this section; any unused flag return values are nil.
The global ENCOUNTER_JOURNAL_SECTION_FLAGid variables contain the flag title, and the index can be used to find the region of Interface\EncounterJournal\UI-EJ-Icons texture to display.

ID Flag ID Flag
0 Tank icon.png Tank Alert 1 Dps icon.png Damage Dealer Alert
2 Healer icon.png Healer Alert 3 Heroic icon.png Heroic Difficulty
4 Deadly icon.png Deadly 5 Important icon.png Important
6 Interruptable icon.png Interruptible 7 Magic icon.png Magic Effect
8 Curse icon.png Curse Effect 9 Poison icon.png Poison Effect
10 Disease icon.png Disease Effect 11 Enrage icon.png Enrage
12 Mythic icon.png Mythic Difficulty

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