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API C_LFGInfo.HideNameFromUI

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Returns true if a dungeon name has to be hidden in the UI.

shouldHide = C_LFGInfo.HideNameFromUI(dungeonID)






  • List of IDs where shouldHide is true.
ID Name DifficultyID
1030 7.0 Artifacts - Sub Rog - Acquisition - Demonic Portal World 12: Normal Scenario
1090 Boost 2.0 R&D 12: Normal Scenario
1307 Tideskorn Harbor Acquisition Scenarios - JMC 12: Normal Scenario
1309 Shield's Rest Acquisition Scenarios - JMC 12: Normal Scenario
1371 Priest Order Formation - JMC 12: Normal Scenario
1381 [DNT] Blade in Twilight 12: Normal Scenario
1382 [DNT] Sword of Kings 12: Normal Scenario
1436 7.2 Broken Shore Intro - Legion Command Ship (KMS) 12: Normal Scenario

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