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Returns information about the specified mount.

creatureName, spellID, icon, active, isUsable, sourceType, isFavorite, isFactionSpecific, faction, hideOnChar, isCollected = C_MountJournal.GetMountInfo(index)


number - the index of the mount, in the range of 1 to C_MountJournal.GetNumMounts() (inclusive)


Index Value Type Details
1 creatureName String The name of the mount
2 spellID Number The ID of the spell that summons the mount
3 icon String Path to the icon for the mount
4 active Boolean Indicates if the player is currently mounted on the mount
5 isUsable Boolean Indicates if the mount is usable based on the player's current location, riding skill, profession skill, class, etc.
6 sourceType Number Indicates generally how the mount may be obtained; see the 3rd return value from C_MountJournal.GetMountInfoExtra for specific information
7 isFavorite Boolean Indicates if the mount is currently marked as a favorite
8 isFactionSpecific Boolean true if the mount is only available to one faction, false otherwise
9 faction Number/nil 0 if the mount is available only to Horde players, 1 if the mount is available only to Alliance players, or nil if the mount is not faction-specific
10 hideOnChar Boolean Indicates if the mount should be hidden in the player's mount journal (includes Swift Spectral Gryphon and mounts specific to the opposite faction)
11 isCollected Boolean Indicates if the player has learned the mount


Returns nothing if the specified index is out of bounds.

Current values of the sourceType return include:

These are the same source type IDs and labels used in the pet journal.

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