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Returns a list of quests the character has completed in its lifetime.

quests = C_QuestLog.GetAllCompletedQuestIDs()


number[] - The sorted quest IDs


  • A quest appears in the list only after it has been completed and turned in, not while it is in your log.
  • Completing certain quests can cause other quests (alternate versions, etc.) to appear completed also.
  • Some quests are invisible. These quests are not offered to players but suddenly become "completed" due to some other in-game occurrence.
  • Daily quests appear completed only if they have been completed that day.
  • Pet Battle quests are account-wide and will be returned from this API across all characters. They can be discerned with GetQuestTagInfo() tagID 102.


For a fresh toon who only completed the first three starter quests: Warming Up (56775), Stand Your Ground (58209) and Brace for Impact (58208)

/dump C_QuestLog.GetAllCompletedQuestIDs()
	[1] = 56775, -- "Warming Up"
	[2] = 58208, -- "Brace for Impact"
	[3] = 58209, -- "Stand Your Ground"

Prints completed questIds and their names (quest data gets cached from the server after the first query)

for _, id in pairs(C_QuestLog.GetAllCompletedQuestIDs()) do
	local name = C_QuestLog.GetTitleForQuestID(id)
	print(id, name)

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