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22 12 45
22 12 45
== Also See ==
<!-- If it helps, include example results here, though they are not required. You're allowed to cheat liberally since WoW isn't a command line language. -->
: [[API SetSelectedArtifact|SetSelectedArtifact]](raceIndex)
The following functions are getting pointed to the current nightelf-project (raceIndex 4)
== Also See ==
: [[API SocketItemToArtifact|SocketItemToArtifact]]()
: [[API RemoveItemFromArtifact|RemoveItemFromArtifact]]()
: [[API CanItemBeSocketedToArtifact|CanItemBeSocketedToArtifact]](itemID)
: [[API GetActiveArtifactByRace|GetActiveArtifactByRace]](raceIndex)
: [[API GetSelectedArtifactInfo|GetSelectedArtifactInfo]]()
: [[API GetArtifactProgress|GetArtifactProgress]]()
<noinclude>[[ru:Справка:Статьи о функциях API/Предварительная загрузка]]</noinclude>
<noinclude>[[ru:Справка:Статьи о функциях API/Предварительная загрузка]]</noinclude>

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Returns information about current used fragments for the selected artifact.

numFragmentsCollected, numFragmentsAdded, numFragmentsRequired = GetArtifactProgress();


Number - Number of collected fragments for selected artifact.
Number - Number of fragments currently added through keystones for selected artifact.
Number - Number of fragments required to solve the selected artifact.


My selected Project requires 45 fragments, i have 22 fragments and a Keystone slot which i do not use. Result 22 0 45 The same project, this time the Keystone slot is used. Result 22 12 45

Also See


ru:Справка:Статьи о функциях API/Предварительная загрузка