API GetCursorPosition

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Returns the cursor's position on the screen.

x, y = GetCursorPosition()


Number - x coordinate unaffected by UI scale; 0 at the left edge of the screen.
Number - y coordinate unaffected by UI scale; 0 at the bottom edge of the screen.


  • Returns scale-independent coordinates similar to Cursor:GetCenter() if 'Cursor' was a valid frame not affected by scaling.
  • Assuming UIParent spans the entire screen, you can convert these coordinates to UIParent offsets by dividing by its effective scale. The following snippet positions a small texture at the cursor's location.
local uiScale, x, y = UIParent:GetEffectiveScale(), GetCursorPosition()
local tex = UIParent:CreateTexture()
tex:SetPoint("CENTER", nil, "BOTTOMLEFT", x / uiScale, y / uiScale)