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Returns information about a PvP (honor) talent.

talentID, name, icon, selected, available, spellID, unlocked, row, column, known, grantedByAura = GetPvpTalentInfoByID(talentID[, specGroupIndex, isInspect, inspectUnit])


number - Talent ID.
number? - Index of active specialization group (GetActiveSpecGroup); if nil, the selected/available return values will always be false.
boolean? - If non-nil, returns information based on inspectedUnit.
string? - Inspected unitId.


1. talentID 
number - Talent ID.
2. name 
string - Talent name.
3. texture 
number - FileID
4. selected 
boolean - true if the talent is chosen, false otherwise.
5. available 
boolean - true if the talent tier is chosen, or if it is level-appropriate for the player and the player has no talents selected in that tier, false otherwise.
6. spellID 
number - Spell ID that is added to the spellbook.
7. unlocked 
boolean - Whether the talent is unlocked.
8. row 
number - The row the talent is from.
9. column 
number - The column the talent is from.
10. known
boolean - true if the talent is known, false otherwise.
11. grantedByAura 
boolean - true if the talent is granted by an aura (i.e., an effect on an item), false otherwise. The Conflict and Strife Azerite essence uses this instead of selected.

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