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Returns information about an offered quest choice option.

info = C_QuestChoice.GetQuestChoiceOptionInfo(optionIndex)


number - index of the option to return information about.


structure - QuestChoiceOptionInfo
Key Type Description
responseID number response ID of this option
buttonText string text to display on the button confirming this choice, e.g. "PvE"
description string description of this option, e.g. "Aid the Kirion Tor against the Thunder King's forces."
header string texture path of a texture used as an illustration of this choice.
choiceArtID number
confirmation string (nilable)
widgetSetID number (nilable)
disabledButton bool
desaturatedArt bool
groupID number (nilable)
headerIconAtlasElement string (nilable)
subHeader string (nilable)
buttonTooltip string (nilable)
rewardQuestID number (nilable)
soundKitID number (nilable)

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