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API GetRuneCooldown

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Gets the cooldown information about a Death Knight's Rune

start, duration, runeReady = GetRuneCooldown(id)


A number between 1 and 6 denoting which rune to be queried.


1. start 
Number - The value of GetTime() when the rune's cooldown began (or 0 if the rune is off cooldown).
2. duration 
Number - The duration of the rune's cooldown (regardless of whether or not it's on cooldown).
3. runeReady 
Boolean - Whether or not the rune is off cooldown. True if ready, false if not.


This will print the number of runes you have ready to cast.

local runeAmount = 0
for i=1,6 do
  local start, duration, runeReady = GetRuneCooldown(i)
  if runeReady == true then
    runeAmount = runeAmount+1
print("Available Runes: " .. runeAmount)