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Returns info about a specific encounter from a saved instance lockout.

bossName, fileDataID, isKilled, unknown4 = GetSavedInstanceEncounterInfo(instanceIndex, encounterIndex)


Number - Index from 1 to GetNumSavedInstances()
Number - Index from 1 to the number of encounters in the instance. For multi-part raids, this includes bosses that are not in that raid section, so the first boss in the second wing of a Raid Finder raid could actually have an encounterIndex of '4'.


String - The localized name of the encounter in question
Number - The ID number for a texture associated with the encounter, usually an achievement icon. If Blizzard hasn't designated one for the encounter, expect this return to be nil.
Boolean - True if you have killed/looted the boss since the last reset period
Boolean - Unused by Blizzard, has an unknown purpose, and seems to always be false


/dump GetSavedInstanceEncounterInfo(1,1)
=> "Vigilant Kaathar", nil, true, false

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See also

  • GetNumSavedInstances - Counts number of instances this function applies to
  • GetLFGDungeonEncounterInfo - A moderately similar function to this one, except it works off of dungeon IDs instead of saved instance indexes
  • GetSavedInstanceInfo - A more generic function; it allows you to pull up information on the dungeon itself instead of the individual encounters