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API GetSpecializationMasterySpells

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Returns the mastery spellID of the current player's specializiation.

spellID = GetSpecializationMasterySpells(specIndex[, isInspect[, isPet]]);


Integer - The index of the specialization to query (1, 2, 3, 4) (Druids have four specializations)
Boolean - (Optional) Reserved. Must be nil
Boolean - (Optional) Reserved. Must be nil


Number - The Mastery spellID corresponding to one of the current player's specializations
Number - The Mastery spellID corresponding to one of the current player's specializations

Example return values for different classes:

class specIndex 1 specIndex 2 specIndex 3 specIndex 4
Warrior 76838 76856 76857
Paladin 76669 76671 76672
Hunter 76657 76659 76658
Rogue 76803 76806 76808
Priest 77484 77485 77486
Death Knight 77513 77514 77515
Shaman 77222 77223 77226
Mage 76547 76595 76613
Warlock 77215 77219 77220
Monk 117906 117907 115636
Druid 77492 77493 77494 77495


For any type of data tracking, use the second parameter, since it is guaranteed to stay the same in different-language clients. This is especially important in Europe, where it is not uncommon for people with e.g. german or french client software to play on english servers. You can keep track of mappings for display by remembering the output pairs in a table, e.g.:

local mySpecializationIndex = GetSpecialization(); --e.g.  1: Brewmaster
local myMasterySpellID;
if (mySpecializationIndex) then 
   myMasterySpellID = GetSpecializationMasterySpells(mySpecializationIndex);
   myMasterySpellID = nil;

or we can store all the current player's mastery spells:

local playerMasterySpells = {
    GetSpecializationMasterySpells(1), --e.g. Brewmaster
    GetSpecializationMasterySpells(2), --e.g. Mistweaver 
    GetSpecializationMasterySpells(3), --e.g. Windwalker

Patch history

Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added. Replaces GetTalentTreeMasterySpells

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