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API GetTitleName

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Returns the name of a Title ID.

name, playerTitle = GetTitleName(titleId)


number - Ranging from 1 to GetNumTitles. Not necessarily an index as there can be missing/skipped IDs in between.


string - Name of the title.
boolean - Seems to be true for all existing titles.


  • If the name has a trailing space, then the title is prefixed, otherwise it's suffixed.
/dump GetTitleName(2) -- "Corporal " → Corporal Bob (prefix)
/dump GetTitleName(36) -- "Champion of the Naaru" → Alice, Champion of the Naaru (suffix)
  • If the suffix starts with an uppercase char then a comma is added. Exceptions are single word suffixes as "Jenkins" and "Ironbane".
"%s, Champion of the Frozen Wastes" and "%s, Destroyer's End" have a comma.
"%s the Explorer" and "%s Jenkins" don't have a comma.
  • The foolproof way to determine prefix/suffix would be by parsing CharTitles.db2

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