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Returns whether the current billing unit is considered "tired" or not. This function is to limit players from playing the game for too long.

isTired = NoPlayTime()


Flag - 1 if the account is "tired", nil if not. See details below for clarification. Returns nil for EU and US accounts.


Based on the official function, changed a bit to output the text in the chat rather than the tooltip on your avatar:

if PartialPlayTime() then
   print(string.format(PLAYTIME_TIRED, REQUIRED_REST_HOURS - math.floor(GetBillingTimeRested()/60)))
elseif NoPlayTime() then
   print(string.format(PLAYTIME_UNHEALTHY, REQUIRED_REST_HOURS - math.floor(GetBillingTimeRested()/60)))
   print("You are not limited by PartialPlayTime nor NoPlayTime.")


  • Only relevant on Chinese realms.
  • When you reach 3 hours remaining you will get "tired", reducing both the amount of money and experience that you receive by 50%.
  • If you play for 5 hours you will get "unhealthy", and won't be able to turn in quests, receive experience or loot.
  • The time left is stored on your account, and will display the same amount on every character.
  • The time will decay as you stay logged out.

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