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Set which Raid Target Icon will be shown over a mob or raid member.

SetRaidTarget("unit", iconId)


String - The unitId to change the raid target icon of.
Number - Raid target index to assign to the specified unit:
0 = assign index to nil
1 = Yellow 4-point Star
2 = Orange Circle
3 = Purple Diamond
4 = Green Triangle
5 = White Crescent Moon
6 = Blue Square
7 = Red "X" Cross
8 = White Skull
9-18 = No defined icons
any other value = index will be unchanged.


To set a skull over your current target:

/run SetRaidTarget("target",8)


  • This function was added in patch 1.11, which introduced the 8 different target icons that can be assigned to mobs or players. The icons are only visible to your party.
  • In a 5-man party, all party members may assign raid icons. In a raid, only the raid leader and the assistants may do so.
  • Units can only be assigned one icon at a time; and each icon can only be assigned to one unit at a time.
  • This function does not remove the icon if you're trying to assign the icon that is already assigned to the unit. SetRaidTargetIcon function, provided by FrameXML, provides this toggling behaviour.
  • While in a group, this function requires a client-server round trip to take effect. While soloing, the results are instantaneous.
  • In order for this function to clear the raid target index assigned to a unit, the client must be aware that a raid target index is assigned to that unit.

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