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Set which raid target will be shown over a mob or raid member.

SetRaidTarget(unit, index)


string : UnitId
number - Raid target index to assign to the specified unit:
Value Icon
1 IconSmall RaidStar.png Yellow 4-point Star
2 IconSmall RaidCircle.png Orange Circle
3 IconSmall RaidDiamond.png Purple Diamond
4 IconSmall RaidTriangle.png Green Triangle
5 IconSmall RaidMoon.png White Crescent Moon
6 IconSmall RaidSquare.png Blue Square
7 IconSmall RaidCross.png Red "X" Cross
8 IconSmall RaidSkull.png White Skull
9-18 Invisible icons


  • This function was added in patch 1.11, which introduced the 8 different target icons that can be assigned to mobs or players. The icons are only visible to your party.
  • In a 5-man party, all party members may assign raid icons. In a raid, only the raid leader and the assistants may do so.
  • Units can only be assigned one icon at a time; and each icon can only be assigned to one unit at a time.
  • This function does not remove the icon if you're trying to assign the icon that is already assigned to the unit. The SetRaidTargetIcon() function, provided by FrameXML, provides this toggling behaviour.
  • While in a group, this function requires a client-server round trip to take effect. While soloing, the results are instantaneous.
  • In order for this function to clear the raid target index assigned to a unit, the client must be aware that a raid target index is assigned to that unit.


To set a skull over your current target:

/run SetRaidTarget("target", 8)

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