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API TaxiNodeCost

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Returns the cost of a flight point in copper, unconfirmed if it is before faction cost reductions.

  cost = TaxiNodeCost(slot)


Number - 1 ascending to NumTaxiNodes(), out of bound numbers triggers lua error.


Number - returns the cost in copper, 0 if destination is undiscovered, free or current node.


The following example will print the name and cost for each flight point that is not free.

 for i= 1, NumTaxiNodes() do
   if (TaxiNodeCost(i) > 0) then
     print(format("Flight to %s costs: %s", TaxiNodeName(i), GetCoinText(TaxiNodeCost(i)," ")))


  • Taxi information is only available while the taxi map is open -- between the TAXIMAP_OPENED and TAXIMAP_CLOSED events.
  • "invalid taxi node slot" is an error triggered by out-of-bound slot (0 or NumTaxiNodes() < slot) or if there is no taxi map open.
  • For some reason, this returns the original cost of the given slot, not taking into account any reductions you get due to faction. -pircio

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