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Sets whether the widget should adjust vertical texture coordinates based on texture and widget dimensions.



Boolean - If true, texture coordinates will be adjusted such that each texture pixel takes up one vertical unit within the widget.


local t = UIParent:CreateTexture()
t:SetSize(128, 128)
t:SetTexture("Interface/ContainerFrame/UI-Icon-QuestBang", "MIRROR", "MIRROR")


  • If the widget's height is smaller than the pixel height of the texture it displays, the texture will be cropped. The top left corner of the texture remains anchored to the top left corner of the widget.
  • If the widget's height is greater than the pixel height of the texture it displays, the widget's vertical wrapping mode will determine the content of the pixels below the original texture. To repeat (i.e., tile) the texture, the "REPEAT" vertical wrapping mode should be specified when assigning the texture.
  • The tiling mechanism adjusts texture coordinates at an arbitrary point during rendering, not necessarily as part of the Texture:SetTexture or Texture:SetVertTile call. This overwrites the existing texture coordinates, and may occur more than once.
  • This function does not behave correctly for most default icons (textures in Interface/ICONS).

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