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Returns the current power of the specified unit.

power = UnitPower(unitToken [, powerType, unmodified])


string - Unit whose power should be returned
number Enum.PowerType (optional, default = NumPowerTypes)
Type of resource (mana/rage/energy/etc) to query
Value Key Description
-2 HealthCost
-1 None
0 Mana
1 Rage
2 Focus
3 Energy
4 ComboPoints
5 Runes
6 RunicPower
7 SoulShards
8 LunarPower
9 HolyPower
10 Alternate
11 Maelstrom
12 Chi
13 Insanity
14 Obsolete
15 Obsolete2
16 ArcaneCharges
17 Fury
18 Pain
19 NumPowerTypes
boolean (optional, default = false)
Return the higher precision internal value (for graphical use only)


number - the unit's current power level.


  • If no type is specified, UnitPower returns the current primary type, e.g., energy for a druid in cat form.
  • You can determine the current primary power type via UnitPowerType()
  • Values for all power types are available in any form.

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