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The World of Warcraft API uses rather complex values for some arguments and return values. Rather than re-explain them every time they're used, we document them as distinct data types (though in reality they're numbers and strings).

Complex World of Warcraft API Data Types

actionSlot - Action button slot numbers (120 in total)
auctionSortId - An identifier for sorting columns in the auction house.
auctionTypeId - An identifier specifying which type of auction to operate on.
atlasName - A string identifier for textures with a preset size, tex coords and wrap mode.
bagId - Numbers representing bags you carry, bank bags, bank window, etc
bagType - A bittype identifier representing the type of bags an item can go into or the type of items a bag can carry (New in 2.4.0)
BattlePetSpeciesID - A unique numeric identifier for Companions.
chatTypeId - An identifier for the different chat destination types.
classId - An identifier for character classes.
CreatureDisplayID - A unique identifier for NPC models.
CurrencyID - A unique identifier for Currencies.
DifficultyID - A numeric identifier for dungeon and raid difficulty.
emoteToken - System names of voice/action emotes
enchantString - An enchant id.
enchantLink - A string that will be clickable, if shown in-game, contains an enchantString.
EncounterID - A unique identifier for boss encounters.
EncounterInstanceID - A unique identifier for Encounter Journal instances.
fileID - A unique identifier for a client-accessible internal file (such as textures or models).
GUID - A unique identifier for everything that can be interacted with.
inventorySlotName - Names of inventory slots.
inventorySlotId - Current mappings of slot names to numbers. May change.
itemEquipLoc - String representation of where an item may be equipped ("INVTYPE_HEAD", etc)
itemString - An item id with data about enchants, "of" type bonuses, and the item's creator.
itemLink - A string that will be clickable if shown in-game, contains an itemString.
itemType - String classification of an item, ("Armor", "Consumable", etc)
LanguageID - A numeric identifier for languages.
LfgDungeonID - A unique numeric identifier for LFG instances.
lootMethod - An identifier for the different looting methods (group loot, need before greed, etc)
mapID (removed) - A numeric identifier for a world/zone map.
MountID - A unique numeric identifier for Mounts.
MovieID - A unique numeric identifier for movies.
playerName - The name of a player.
questID - A unique numeric identifier for quests.
questLink - A string that will be clickable, if shown in-game, contains a questString.
questString - A quest id with data about the quest, including the level and quest title.
RaceId - A numeric identifier for both player and NPC races.
raidIndex - A number between 1 and 40
SpecializationID - A numeric identifier for class Specializations.
standingId - Numeric encoding of faction standing.
TitleId - A unique numeric identifier for player Titles.
ToyID - An Item ID for Toys.
TradeSkillLineID - A numeric identifier for professions.
UiMapID - A unique numeric identifier for world/zone Maps.
unitId - An identifier which specifies one of the units the API may reference ("target", "party1", etc)
unitFlag - A bittype indentifier for the relationship between the player and a unit in the combat log (New in 2.4.0)

Category:API types has the full list. (Though if something there is not available here: please list it!)