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A Beacon in the Dark

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NeutralA Beacon in the Dark

110 (Requires 110)



Take the Remnant of Nhal'athoth to Velen on the Vindicaar.


That was... an intense experience.

<Alleria rubs her forehead.>

It is difficult to focus. I need you to return to Velen. Give him this.

<She places something cold and dense in your palm.>

I feel as though he should have it, though I am not sure why.

Tell him all that we have learned. I am sure Romuul will have been watching our progress. With any luck, a beacon is already headed our way.


You will learn the following: [Lightforged Beacon: Shadowguard Incursion]

You will also receive: 9g 70s 50 Veiled Argunite


What is this? Such darkness...


What is it you bring, <name>?

<Velen peers down upon the cold, dense object.>



Quest accept
Grand Artificer Romuul says: Ah, you're alive! A beacon is inbound.
Locus-Walker says: How do you feel?
Alleria Windrunner says: My head is... swimming.
Locus-Walker says: Remember... So long as your mind is your own, you command this power. It does not command you.
Alleria Windrunner says: How did you do it by yourself?
Locus-Walker says: Ah, well. Perhaps I will tell you one day. Until then, I will be keeping an eye on your progress.
Locus-Walker says: Farewell for now.
The Locus-Walker takes his leave.
Alleria Windrunner says: You should return to the Vindicaar and share what we have learned.
Alleria Windrunner says: My path takes me into the Seat of the Triumvirate... to whatever fate awaits me there.
Alleria Windrunner says: I am certain Velen will understand.
Alleria hurries off towards the Seat.

Criteria of


  1. N [110] We Have a Problem
  2. N [110] A Non-Prophet Organization & N [110] Wrath of the High Exarch & N [110] Overt Ops
  3. N [110] Flanking Maneuvers & N [110] Talgath's Forces
  4. N [110] What Might Have Been
  5. N [110] Across the Universe
  6. N [110] Shadow of the Triumvirate
  7. N [110] The Seat of the Triumvirate
  8. N [110] Whispers from Oronaar & N [110] Arkhaan's Prayers
  9. N [110] The Pulsing Madness & N [110] Arkhaan's Pain
  10. N [110] Arkhaan's Plan
  11. N [110] Arkhaan's Peril
  12. N [110] Throwing Shade
  13. N [110] Sources of Darkness & N [110] The Shadowguard Incursion
  14. N [110] A Vessel Made Ready
  15. N [110] A Beacon in the Dark (grants [You Are Now Prepared!])
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