A Breath of Fresh Air (Horde)

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HordeA Breath of Fresh Air

81 (Requires 80)




5g 90s


H [81] Full Circle, H [82] The War Has Many Fronts (if 82)


Find Legionnaire Nazgrim aboard the Stygian Bounty, on the surface above the Ruins of Vashj'ir.

Provided item:  [Boom Boots]


Legionnaire Nazgrim and many of the other survivors have already made their way to the surface. I'm sure some are just looking to rid themselves of this place for good, but we still have work to do if we're going to stop the naga from invading the plane of water.

First, we need to set eyes on the tentacled fiend that destroyed our ships when we first arrived - we don't want a repeat of that nightmare.

Fiasco left these behind for you. They should speed your trip up a bit.


You will receive: 5g 90s


Looks like you made it out in one piece, <class>.

It's good to be out of that foul pit of water for a moment, and to have some resources at our disposal again. Don't get too comfortable though, we still have a grim task ahead.

What about you? Had enough honor for one day, or do you want to get back in there and make Hellscream proud?


You will receive:

  • 20800 XP (or 4g 95s 50c at max level)


Swim out to a spot where there's nothing blocking a clear ascent to the surface. The Boom Boots, once lit, will launch a player half a mile up...

The Stygian Bounty is the northernmost boat in the Horde fleet. Swim along side one of the boats, then use the rope ladder to get to the deck.

If players have already reached level 82, H [82] The War Has Many Fronts is offered, which will send players back to Orgrimmar. If not already at 82, complete the Abyssal Depths storyline, then return to the ship.


  1. B [81] Losing Ground
  2. B [81] Desperate Plan
  3. B [81] Come Prepared / B [81] Unfurling Plan / B [81] Hostile Waters
  4. B [81] Honor and Privilege
  5. B [81] Welcome News
  6. B [81] Visions of the Past: Rise from the Deep
    1. N [81] Devout Assembly & N [81] Her Lady's Hand
    2. N [81] At All Costs
    3. N [81] Final Judgment
  7. B [81] A Breath of Fresh Air

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