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A Brewing Situation

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NeutralA Brewing Situation

110 (Requires 110)







Direct the Stormstout Brewers to distribute Celebration Brew to the temple balcony, in front of the Laughing Crane, and near the troop training grounds.

  • Brew delivered to the temple balcony
  • Brew delivered to the Laughing Crane
  • Brew delivered to the troop training grounds


Greetings, Grandmaster. I'm an expert at producing tricky brews, and Almai and I have been working with Stormstout Brewery to craft Storm Brew for the order.

In fact, we have already begun production!

That calls for a party, don't you think? We brought enough of my prized Celebration Brew for everyone!


Whew. Celebration brew is..*hic* shtronger than I remembered it to be. *urp*



Go about half-way down the main staircase from the temple. A place to put the Celebration Brew will be on your right. Afterwards, continue the rest of the way down and place a barrel just in front of the steps to the Laughing Crane inn. Now turn left and follow the path to the last place for the Celebration Brew barrel.

Return to Iron-Body Ponshu.

Quest accept
Brewmaster Blanche says: I do hope the monks savor my Celebration Brew! Farewell for now, Grandmaster.
Brewer Almai says: It was an honor to meet you, Grandmaster. I hope to see you again soon!
Quest completion
Brewer Almai runs up from the western entrance.
Brewer Almai says: Grandmaster! Stormstout Brewery is being overrun by the Legion! Please help us!


  1. N Monk [110] A Brewing Situation
  2. N Monk [110] Panic at the Brewery
  3. N Monk [110] Storming the Legion
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N Monk [110] Hope For a Cure
  6. N Monk [110] Not Felling Well
  7. N Monk [110] A Time for Everything
  8. N Monk [110] Champion: Almai

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