A Brewing Storm

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A Brewing Storm
A Brewing Storm loading screen.jpg
A Brewing Storm loading screen
End boss
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Advised level


Minimum average
item level

425 (Normal)
496 (Heroic)

Player limit


A Brewing Storm is a scenario in World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria. The Brewmasters are trying to create a brew that can only be made during a storm.


Craft brew with lightning and save the monastery from a rampaging saurok.


Help Blanche prepare the most epic brew in the history of Pandaria!

Brewmaster Blanche’s Boomer Brew is an age-old recipe, with a secret ingredient: a thunderstorm in every mug! Brewing it isn’t easy, requiring travel to one of the highest peaks of the Jade Forest... During a raging thunderstorm. And what is it about heavy rain that always brings out the saurok? Blanche is going to need some mercenary help to brew her masterpiece, preferably some fleet-footed adventurers who know how to fight off a saurok incursion while dodging lightning strikes. When the saurok take the fight to the nearby monastery, it might just be the Boomer Brew that helps turn the tide of battle![1]

Scenario denizens

A Brewing Storm
Hostile Friendly

Stage guide

Stage 1: Make Boomer's Brew

Assist Blanche in brewing her famous Boomer's Brew.

Stage 2: Road to Thunderpaw

Escort Blanche down Thunderpaw Road.

Final Stage: Save Thunderpaw Refuge

Defeat Borokhula the Destroyer

Bonus objectives

Complete all Bonus Objectives to receive 50 bonus Valor.



  • During early testing, this scenario was named Lightning Lager and could only be initiated on rainy nights.


Beta testing

Patch changes


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