A Change In Scenery

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For the Sons of Hodir quest, see N [79] A Change of Scenery.
  • 10 Achievement points
  • A Change In Scenery
  • Engage and defeat Spellblade Aluriel in the following areas of The Nighthold on Normal difficulty or higher. She must reach her destination within 120 seconds of entering combat and remain there until defeated:
  • Criteria:

A Change In Scenery is an achievement earned by defeating the Spellblade Aluriel encounter in the Nighthold instance at three specific locations around the raid, on Normal difficulty or higher.

Aluriel must be pulled to the required location within two minutes (120 seconds) of being engaged, and must remain there until defeated. This must be done three times at three different locations, and thus requires three separate Spellblade Aluriel kills.

The first location, the Shal'dorei Terrace, is the area where the High Botanist Tel'arn encounter takes place. Anywhere in this vicinity will suffice for the achievement, although it may be easiest to complete the fight in the same location where High Botanist Tel'arn would be fought.

The second, the Shattered Walkway is the area where the Krosus encounter occurs (the bridge upon which the boss is fought).

Finally, the Astromancer's Rise is where Star Augur Etraeus is found, although the rooms below his encounter area, on the way to High Botanist Tel'arn, will work.

All trash and any bosses blocking the way to any of the locations should be fully cleared prior to attempting the achievement.

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