A Deal With a Dragon (Horde)

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HordeA Deal With a Dragon








Deliver the Rescued Whelplings to Acride at Slither Rock in Burning Steppes.


While we are circling around Dreadmaul Rock, there's one more stop that we need to make. You remember the hatchlings that you freed from the Whelping Downs? I've been watching over them, and now we're going to deliver them to someone who will take care of them better than we can. He's staying in Slither Rock, to the northeast of Dreadmaul Rock.

His name is Acride, and he might be the key to victory in the upcoming battle.


You will receive: 75s


You've arrived, <name>.


Yes, the whelplings. I will take care of them.

As for the agreement I made with your father earlier, tell him that I will hold up my end of the bargain. You will have your dragon for the battle against the orcs.

We share your grudge against the Blackrock clan.


Pick up B [51] Blood Tour and B [51] Draconic Vanguard before heading out. Accepting the first of these three quests will put Ariok in the player's party. Accept the rest of them before leaving Flame Crest. First, exit camp and turn west to reach the southwestern rally point by the pass to Redridge. Kill Akumi, then circle around Dreadmaul Rock counterclockwise to the northeast. Slither Rock is to the northeast of Dreadmaul Rock, and Acride can be found inside.

On complete:

Acride says: Your conspirator has informed me of your plan. I shall see you on the battlefield... painted with the ashes of the elementals.

The four whelps are also freed, hovering around Acride.

Complete all three quests and Eitrigg will radio in with B [51] Placing the Pawns.


Optional breadcrumbs: N [50] Mouton Flamestar or A [50] Hero's Call: Burning Steppes! or H [50] Warchief's Command: Burning Steppes!

  1. B [50] Burning Vengeance
  2. B [50] Stocking Up / B [50] A Future Project / B [50] Mud Hunter
  3. B [50] The Sand, the Cider, and the Orb
  4. B [50] Warlocks Have the Neatest Stuff / B [50] Shadow Boxing
  5. A [50] Return to Keeshan / H [50] Return to Ariok
  6. B [50] Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes
  7. B [50] A Needle in a Hellhole
    • Mandatory side chain:
    1. N [50] Prove Yer Allegiance / N [50] Scrapped Golems
    2. N [50] Golem Training
  8. B [50] A Perfect Costume
  9. B [50] Into the Black Tooth Hovel
  10. N [50] Grunt Work
  11. N [50] The Kodocaller's Horn
  12. B [50] Taking the Horn For Ourselves
  13. B [51] General Thorg'izog
  14. N [51] Trial by Magma
  15. N [51] I Am the Law and I Am the Lash
  16. B [51] Enough Damage For One Day
  17. A [51] Morgan's Vigil / H [51] Flame Crest
  18. B [51] Blackened Ashes / B [51] Latent Demons of the Land / B [51] A Heap of Delicious Worg
  19. B [51] Blood Tour / B [51] Draconic Vanguard / B [51] A Deal With a Dragon
  20. B [51] Placing the Pawns
  21. B [51] A Delivery for Thorg'izog / B [51] A Delivery for Neeralak / B [51] A Delivery for Xi'lun
  22. B [52] Locked and Loaded
  23. B [52] Assault on Dreadmaul Rock
  24. B [52] Glory Amidst Chaos
  25. B [52] The Spoils of War

Optional breadcrumb to Swamp of Sorrows: B [52] The Bogpaddle Bullet

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