A Dip in the Moonwell

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HordeA Dip in the Moonwell

28 (Requires 26)






A Dip in the Moonwell is a Horde quest in Thousand Needles in which players use a remote controlled robot to infiltrate a night elf settlement and gather water from the moonwell. You must have completed H [28] A Different Approach in order to get this quest.

The robot control panel is rather an user-unfriendly and tricky interface.


Use the Robotron Control while standing near the Concealed Command Console hidden in a small cluster of bushes on the rim of the needle closest to Thalanaar to take command of a Robotron 3000. Pilot the robot to the western edge of Thousand Needles where the Alliance outpost of Thalanaar is located. Use the robot to collect a sample of the moonwell's water and return it to Wizlo Bearingshiner at Whitereach Post.


Stop looking at me like that! I didn’t say I was going to send you to Thalanaar’s moonwell out in the open with dipper and a flask.

I’ve been, err...tinkering with a product I was transporting for a client. In fact, I’ve already set up a portable control console for the Robotron out near Thalanaar. You’ll need to bring this control unit with you and use it in the vicinity of my concealed console.

If my client ever heard that I so much as removed Robotron from its packaging, he’d hang me by my ears.


The Concealed Command Console can be found at (9,18), on the rim of the needle opposite Thalanaar. You have to climb on the rim to use the portable control console with the concealed command console. To climb on the rim, go to the east side of it, and walk up the edge (11,18). Then follow the rim around to the console and stand near it.

If you have a pet, you will need to dismiss it first. While you control the Robotron, it acts as a pet, and you can’t have two pets active.

Once you activate the portable control console ( [Robotron Control Unit]), you will gain control of the Robotron. Run him over to Thalanaar, climb into the moonwell, and click on "Gather Water," a move on the pet action bar. A vial with moonwell water will appear in your bags.

Once the timer runs out on the Robotron or right-clicking on the “Robotron 3000” buff (to dispel it), you will regain control of your character. Run back to Wizlo Bearingshiner to complete the quest.


Did it do the job?


That worked better than I expected! Chalk up another one for good old goblin ingenuity!

The only problem is that it's hopelessly covered in dust! It's going to take me forever to get this thing cleaned up and replaced in its crate.

Of course, time is the one thing I have in ample supply.


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