A Donation of Mageweave (Exodar)

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AllianceA Donation of Mageweave
Start Dugiru
End Dugiru
Level 60 (Requires 40)
Category Exodar
Experience 4750 (28s 80c at level 70)
Reputation Exodar +350
Not the version you're looking for? See A Donation of Mageweave (quest).


We are currently gathering mageweave. A donation of sixty pieces of mageweave cloth will net you full recognition by our people for your generous actions

If you currently have sixty pieces, you may donate them now.


Our thanks for your donation, <name>.


  1. A [60] A Donation of Wool
  2. A [60] A Donation of Silk
  3. A [60] A Donation of Mageweave
  4. A [60] A Donation of Runecloth
  5. A [60] Additional Runecloth (Repeatable)

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