A Favorite Treat

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AllianceA Favorite Treat

12 (Requires 9)




+250 Exodar



Aonar at Kessel's Crossing wants you to bring him 10 Sand Pears.


I've made a wonderful discovery, <class>. On the uncorrupted part of the island grows a remarkable fruit called the sand pear. They're found near the bottoms of the trees.

I've been preparing pies from them, but if I'm not careful, the elekk will start to wander over and steal my fruit. I've taken to gathering enough to share with the animals, but my stores are gone and the craving for pie has returned. Would you be willing to help gather the fruit I need for another batch of pies? I promise I'll share!


The sand pears are getting harder to find and, of course, that means less pie and fewer treats for the elekk here. Were you able to gather all the fruit I'll need?


Did you have a difficult time finding enough? It's been taking me longer with each trip.

Soon, I'll have to stop altogether since I won't be able to spare the time. Thank you for gathering the pears for me, <name>. It gives me a chance to make a last pie or two before the season's out.


You will receive:

Choice of
Inv chest leather 07.png [Elekk Handler's Leathers] Inv shirt 16.png [Farmhand's Vest]
Inv chest chain 16.png [Elekk Rider's Mail]



If you go pretty much due east, you'll hit the south end of the area you can find the sand pears at. A bit north from there - east of the furbolg camps - you can find sand pears on opposite sides of many trees. You will know you are in the right area when you find lots of bears.

There may also be some west of the road as well.

Not far from the eastern sand pear areas you will find the ravager hatchlings needed for the quest A [11] Alien Predators.