A Flicker of Hope

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AllianceA Flicker of Hope

A Flicker of Hope
Start Mia Greymane
End Automatic
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Warchief's Agenda
Experience 16,450
Reputation +250 Alliance
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous A [110] The Guidance of Our Shan'do
Next A [110] From the Ashes...

The subject of this article or section took place during the War of the Thorns, the Battle for Azeroth pre-launch event.

There's A Flicker of Hope to save the peoples of Darnassus.

Now is the time to overcome the odds and save the entire remaining population of the city in three minutes!


Evacuate the Citizens of Darnassus.


Champion, I need your help!

We must evacuate Darnassus before it burns to ash! Many of the city's structures have already caught fire. Douse the flames and rescue the trapped civilians within!

Please, do all that you can... we must save as many lives as possible.


You will receive:


The worst feeling

Long-time players that did not do any Cataclysm-era starting quests should ignore low-level quests available in this phase, like Priestess A'moora's A [10] Tears of the Moon.

This is a timed quest. Players have three minutes to evacuate 982 Darnassian citizens.

Use the bonus action button to Douse flames, even while mounted. Interact with NPCs to evacuate them. Dousing Ancient Protectors counts as an evacuation.

Should players not manage to save 982 citizens, the quest will fail when time runs out:

Your body becomes heavy as your lungs fill with smoke...

Players wake up in the Temple of the Moon next to Mia Greymane, where A [110] From the Ashes... has already started.

Trying to leave Darnassus while on this quest will prompt the following:

You cannot abandon your duty, return to Darnassus!


  1. A [110] A Short-Lived Peace (starts July 24/25)
  2. A [110] The Horde Uprising
  3. A [110] A Disturbance in Ashenvale
  4. A [110] The Light of Elune & A [110] Knives of the Forsaken
  5. A [110] A Soft Glow
  6. Complete both:
  7. A [110] Garden Grove
  8. Complete both:
  9. A [110] The Wake of Something New
  10. Complete both:
  11. A [110] Malfurion Returns
  12. A [110] "Rock" The World
  13. A [110] Long Away
  14. A [110] A Looming Threat
  15. A [110] A Threat from the North (starts July 31/Aug 1)
  16. Complete all of:
  17. A [110] The Guidance of Our Shan'do
  18. A [110] A Flicker of Hope
  19. A [110] From the Ashes...

Patch changes

Activated 2018-07-31.


To Wowpedia editors' knowledge, this is the first quest that was designed to be unwinnable. Once the three-minute timer runs out, the quest is automatically removed from players' logs and cannot be reacquired. N [84] Devoured and N [84] The Worldbreaker in Twilight Highlands both "fail", but are turned in normally to an NPC.

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