A Fool's Errand (Legion)

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For the Zul'Farrak quest, see N [48] A Fool's Errand.
NeutralA Fool's Errand

110 (Requires 110)





Kill "Hill Bandits" to find Doloria's stolen "Jewelry" and buy her "release"


Oh yea sure, I'm, um, held here against my, you know, will, or something.

Look bud, between you and me old Max here has no chance, but his heart's in the right place. I keep trying to run away and hide but he keeps finding me! I just don't have it in me to upset him with the truth.

Hey I got an idea, why don't you go kill some of those really big two headed "Hill Bandits" for me. Lets say they stole some jewelery from me, and you can use it to buy my freedom.

Take your time, don't get hurt. Much.


Kill "Hill Bandits" to find Dolorias stolen "Jewelry" and buy her "release"


<Doloria gives you a sly wink from behind her mask>

Uh, no, haven't seen her for a few days, not sure who you're talking about.


Take the flight path to Sylvan Falls and kill Hill Ettins until the quest item drops. Return to Dalaran.

Quest accept
Maximillian of Northshire says: Never fear my love, we will hunt down these bandits and secure your freedom!
Maximillian of Northshire says: Come Squire! I shall meet you in the mountains that are high.
Maximillian runs off.
Jewelry found
Maximillian of Northshire says: Merry is the day, for we have found the Jewelry!
On approach
Maximillian of Northshire says: You are saved, my love! Wait... something's not quite right.


  1. N Paladin [110] Seek Me Out
  2. N Paladin [110] Kneel and Be Squired!
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Paladin [110] Oh Doloria, My Sweet Doloria
  5. N Paladin [110] A Fool's Errand
  6. N Paladin [110] Where Art Thou, My Sweet

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