A Good Offense

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HordeA Good Offense
Start Korl[36.3, 30.1]
End Korl[36.3, 30.1]
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Type Combat Ally Quest
Category Nazjatar
Reputation +250 The Unshackled
Rewards 2 Prismatic Manapearl
[Nazjatar Ally - Vim Brineheart]
23g 40s


Kill 50 naga.

  • Naga slain (50)


Korl was told to watch the naga, so watching the naga I am.

They're bad, friend, you know... just... terrible, horrible, bad monsters.

I don't think I can just watch any more.

They say the best defense is.. something...

Help me teach them being being[sic] bad gets you smashed!


You will receive:


Did you have fun?


This was my best day. Thank you, friend.


Leave prematurely
Gossip Let's get back out there!

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